Pilates fit is a new term that has been coined recently in the world of health and fitness.

Pilates fit as a concept has taken classic Pilates out of the world of rehabilitation and recovery and into mainstream world of exercise. Previously “being fit” meant cardio vascular training, lifting heavy weights in the gym and team sports. Fitness was associated with Athletic. This definition of fitness, based on strength and stamina left discipline like yoga and Pilates out of the fitness world.

Now-days we live in an individualistic society and our wellness routine has become personalised and varies according to each individual and our limitations. For some people being fit is being able to run 10K while for other people it may be having enough energy to run for the bus. In addition, many people have expanded what it means to be “fit”. Old fashion measures such as strength have been added to. Measures such as; Body composition, co-ordination and awareness have been included as parameters now recognised to have health benefits.

According to the CDC Physical fitness has nothing to do with exercise. It is ‘the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigour and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies.https://www.cdc.gov/

So, what is Pilates Fit?

Pilate’s fit is really what Pilates delievers, It is what you will receive from practising Pilates. Rather than having to train to get Pilates fit you will find the technique will improve your overall fitness in traditional terms such strength, but also you will start to reap the health benefits of the newer parameters of fitness such as body awareness.

To have the ability to move correctly,

Move throughout your full range of movement.

Stretch to 80% of your physiological abilities.

Lift and carry 20% of your body weight with ease

A lean body composition

Mental capability to push through fatigue

Co-ordinate movement.

At Simplybepilates we offer a wide range of classes from Barre Pilates, Classic Pilates, Contemporary Pilates classes, Pilates with bands, Pilates with Balls, Pilates with foam rollers, Pilates with Machines, Pilate’s reformer and Pilate’s pregnancy. All our classes are mixed level and suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels.

Even though we love Pilates and can sign its praises all day we do recommend that Pilates should be PART of a fitness plan. The idea of any one exercise technique getting you fit is simply not possible. There are so many aspects to being fit and staying fit. It is impossible to achieve real fitness if you only focus on one type of training Pilates does cover a lot of traditional fitness elements.

Do you want to know more about what Pilates can do for you?

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