Pilates exercises are known to have physical benefits but now people are practicing pilates for the benefits found to aid their mental health. Pilates helps improve your mood! Practicing pilates generates endorphins, a hormone also known as “happy hormones”.

How? We ask. Well, the “happy hormones”, endorphins are substances that are released through our spinal cord and into the bloodstream. These hormones can be much more effective than drugs for pain, and safer as they are produced by our own body. The happy hormones generated by all pilates exercises, act directly on the brain giving us feeling of comfort and relaxation. So in short, do pilates exercises, produce happy hormones and reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, sadness, cellular degeneration and infection.

These hormones are also generated when we do pleasurable activities, such as laughter, or stimulation of the senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste or touch), but has also been discovered that can occur when you are in a state of concentration and attention. Which is the state we are in when we are in when we run through a classic pilates exercise series.

It is well known that stress and anxiety have negative consequences for our body, some of the most common symptoms are muscle tension, and bad breath as not enough oxygen reaches our brain. By practicing pilates exercises we can regulate anxiety. The pilates exercises demand control of movement and deep breathing, these actions have a positive effect on our muscles and can relax muscles that have been tightened because of stress.

There are many benefits to report regarding the regular practice of pilates and pilates exercises. The improved functionality of your body is just a part of wheat pilates can offer you. The improved mental health, sense of wellbeing and improved self-esteem are just part of it. Dare to try!


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