Pilates Exercise of the month – December

Each month Simplybepilates will be publishing a new exercises for you to develop a home Pilates workout. A little a day goes a long way!

Pilates Exercise Shoulder depreciation and low back

This exercise, which targets your buttocks, back and shoulders, is performed on a mat.

Starting position

  • Lie on your stomach pelvic tilted forward to straighten and protect the lumber spine. Abdominals tucked into the body (lifted off the floor)
  • Legs extended. For those with strong lower backs you can close the legs squeezing the knees and ankles together. This will allow you to achieve an addition workout to you inner tights, help identify and control the pelvis and work deeper into the spinal muscles
  • Arms extended by your sides, palms faced up to relax the shoulders. Keep your head turned to one side on the floor.


Begin the exercise by lifting the legs (legs hip distance) keeping them straight and stretched from the hips. Shoulders off the floor about four fingers height. As we bring the shoulders off the floor extend the head and torso away from the hips lengthening the body. Think about lifting the collar bones rather than the head.


Draw the shoulder blades down the back and hold for 5 seconds. Reaching the hands towards your feet. Watch not to squeeze the shoulder blades together. Keep your torso stable and avoid rocking.

Exhale to return to the floor

This Pilates exercise is not only great for strengthening the buttocks, back and shoulders it also gives you the practitioner the opportunity to monitor your breathing technique as we aim to keep the tummy tucked in and breath to the rib cage.

Complete up to five sets. You can repeat this exercise daily

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