Pilates co-ordination exercises allow us to complete many day to day tasks better and easier.

The official defination of coordination is “ the ability to move different parts of the body together well or easily” as defined by


Pilates is famous for its strengthening qualities helping injury prevention and cure, the improvement of ones flexibility and range of movement, as well as the general overall toning effect making the body look leaner and healthier. What most people overlook is how pilates co-ordination exercises help our overall co-ordination.

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the bodies muscle movement and visa versa. As toddlers we learn to hold a cup or crawl, the brain learns to develop a connection, which becomes what we call our “sence of co-ordination”

Many pilates co-ordination exercises are based on the “babies learning to crawl” approach. That the right and left part of the body moves independently to create a greater overal moment or action.

Pilates co-ordination exercises are however not restricted to be perforned on ones hands and knees. There are many exercises that have an alternative or circling or even cris cross effect which are performed steated or on ones back, for example sizzers. The objective is the train while the right side of the body performs a different exercise from the left side of the body.

Many people comment that better co-ordination learnt through pilates co-ordination exercises has helped them with improve sporting skills, dancing and an overall awareness of their bodys movements and abilities.

Pilates coordination exercise: cross cross 

Lying on your back working in nuetral for healthy backs.

Extend both legs out diagonally away from your chest, keeping the legs striaght, knees unblocked

Exhale: open the legs wider than the hips with the legs in external rotation.

Inhale cross the right leg over the left leg

Exhale open the legs wider than hip distance

Inhale bring the left leg over the right leg

Repeat 6 times

For more information regarding pilates coordination exercises feel free to contact us or simply book into a class and start seeing the benifits yourself!