Pilates can relieve sciatica pain

Pilates can relieve Sciatica pain which is caused by the sciatica nerve being aggravated, to be more precise a pinching or inflammation of the sciatica nerve. It travels from the lumber spine through the pelvis and down the back of the body leaving it open and defenseless to pressure and harm

Sciatica pain can be insupportable rendering the most normal and simple of movement excruciating and many time impossible. The Sciatica nerve can effected by excessive force applied, instability in the spine or pelvis caused by aging or simply sitting or standing incorrectly. Pilates can prevent the Sciatic nerve from becoming damaged as well as relieving the pain if the nerve is damaged

Pilates has been long known to be a safe manner to treat problems that occur from a trapped sciatica nerve because of its controlled, low impact nature.

Pilates relieves pain caused by the sciatica nerve by re-training the body to adopt correct posture which eliminate the pathologic cause of the problem. Pilates strengthens the ligaments, joints and muscles around the spine and the pelvis.

Physical and mental tension can cause physical injuries. Pilates helps relax the body in three main areas: Firstly, Pilates relieves pain by working the muscles to their potential without forcing excessive use. Secondly Pilates relaxes the body by engaging a recognized breathing technique that encourages wellbeing. Finally, Pilates demands that the mind focuses on the body learning to use it correctly thus improving basic functionality like blood circulation and increased range of movement.

Pilates relieves the pain in the sciatica nerve by exercising the lower back, the sacrum, and stretching out the back of the body especially the hamstrings.

A common expression is “better prevention rather than cure” Regular pilates can help you have a body that would be less prone to problems such as a trapped sciatica nerve. For more information contact us.