Pilates barelona, the myths, truths and lies

As a pilates instructor in barcelona I often hear comments such as “ahhh pilates, that’s like yoga” o “yes pilates, that’s just for women” o my favorite “ahh pilates, that’s stretching isn’t it” Read on to understand more and more of this method of exercise and rehabilitation that has experienced a 5% growth over the last 6 years in countries such as USA, UK and Australia. Eliminate the myths.

Pilates, that’s for women or the elderly, I want to work out hard!

In any good pilates class you will see the new students looking confused while those that have attended class for 5 or more seasons, will be focused and concentrating. What are they concentrating on? Breathing, pelvic floor and position, stabilizing their shoulder blades, adjusting their rib cage and more. After their first class the most common reaction I get apart from wow I love it is “there are so many things to think about” ITS TRUE! Every exercise must be performed in accordance to Josephs Pilates basic principles so there is a lot to think about and co-ordinate. Pilates demands physical strength, balance, flexibility, co-ordination – it is a hard workout for all people from beginners to advanced.

Pilates, that just stretching

Though it’s not necessary to be ballet dancer or professional yogi to practice Pilates. However, a degree of flexibility is necessary it’s much more than stretching. Pilates focuses on strengthening, mobility and co-ordination in equal degrees to stretching. It’s certain that if you practice Pilates you will become more flexible but it is not a stretching technique.

Pilates only works the abdominals

Pilates focuses on the core during every exercises so allow the body to performer the exercise while we hold a correct or safe physical alignment. There are many abdominal exercises and it is true you will get a great abdominal workout, however, pilates is a full body workout. In fact Pilates is often used for rehabilitation purposes regardless if the body part that needs to be rehabilitated is the knee or the neck. Pilates is not just about the abs.

Pilates is a method of relaxation.

No Pilates give the practitioner a sense of wellbeing and can act as a stress relief but it is not focused on relation. During the first part of the class where we focus on breathing and the last part of the class where we stretch and cool down, one could “label” those moments as relaxation periods. This was not Joseph Pilates intention. Do not get fooled. Pilates is an exercise system that works to strengthen, tone and improve flexibility and co-ordination.

Pilates is expensive!

Nowdays Pilates is not expensive. Most pilates classes, group or private cost the same amount as a yoga class, exercise class or a personal trainer or physiotherapist.

Most Groups pilates classes cost approx. 10€ and private classes between 40 and 60€ Pilates Reformer classes tend to be at the higher end of the range as the cost of the reformer has to be factored into the price. However, it is safe to say that Pilates is no more expensive than any other type of exercise or dance class.

 Pilates is for people who have back backs, pregnant women or injured people.

Pilates is for everyone. Pilates helps strengthen all people irrelevant of one’s fitness level, age or injury. A good pilates instructor will be able to offer classic exercises in modification or advise that in fact the practitioner should not be practicing that exercise. In short Pilates has not limits regarding who can practice.

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Pilates barelona, the myths – elimate them!