Pilates bands and balls to reformer machines are used to help the client perform the pilates exercise with ease.

In some cases pilates bands are encorporated as a means of making the exercise lighter and therefore possible for the client to perform. This is espacially the case if a client is new to exercise or had a medical problem impeding them to perform the pilates exercises without aid. They are also used for rehabilitation by health professionals such as osteopaths.

However, they can also be used to do exactly the opposite, to make the pilates exercise more challenging. For example, adding a degree of resistance to an exercise or even engaging another body part into the exercise that would not normally be utilized.

Pilates bands are used to eliviate a multitude of physically problems such as tight hamstrigns or weak backs. The pilates bands are great for helping the less flexible become more flexible. The pilates bands  allow the body to move slowly and gentally into the stretch. Muscles react by contracting to an extensive stretch which makes the stretch painful . Controlled breathing and relaxed muscles allow the client to move deeper into the stretch without any resistence and making the stretch much more effective.

A reformer machine has resistance built into the machine. These cables act in many ways the same as the bands aiding stretching, faciliting exercises and adding resistence to exercises. The reformer machine cables ar however, not elastic but combined with the pully and wieghts system can actually be more effectlve.

It is also recommende to use small or large pieces of equipement to make sure you are not only getting the best out of your pilates class but also to ensure that you work at your level.

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