Pilates balances your body

Pilates is a complete body workout that balances your body. In class I am constantly saying to work the body as a whole, from the crown of your head down to your toes. Our body is a machine, and like any machine, to run efficiently all parts need to be working together.

For an all body workout that focuses on 5 main principles; shoulder, hip, head and rib cage placement. All of which coordinate with the breathing technique. But that’s not all, the body works holistically and therefore what we do to the front effects the back and the top the bottom. For example a body suffering from tension in the neck will affect his or her elasticity in the chest. The back affecting the front. We are a balance of tension and flexibility and this balance needs to be maintained to maintain strength and wellness. Different Pilate’s classes can work on different areas such as strengthening posture but all work holistically. See our different Pilates mat classes https://www.simplybepilates.com/pilates-barcelona

Work to restore the nature balance in your body rather than superficial isolated muscles. Take the roll up for example, this exercise strengthens of our abdominals while encouraging flexibility in the spine. The front and back of the body working together as it should. Many times I see clients struggling with a roll up even though they have the abdominal strength to roll up as what’s stopping them is the lack of flexibility in the back.

So what do we do if we can’t get up, well, practice is key as well as engaging in other exercises that improve spinal flexibility, ones that you can do to retrain the body in that specific movement.

For my clients who have problems with roll ups I ask them to stand with their feet hip distance apart, drop the head and slowly roll the spine down until the hands touch the floor, or as close as they can get! Engage the abdominals by ensuring the weight is on your toes and by pulling the abdominals in towards the spine. This exercise improves spinal flexibility and will help with their roll ups.

Pilates class https://www.simplybepilates.com/pilates-timetable-barcelona/ whether on reformer or on the mat helps to rebalance your body and helps your “machine” to work efficiently, healthily. SimplybePilates https://simplybepilates.com for Pilates to

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