Pilates balance and control, both physically and mentally.

Pilates consentrates on many different aspects from calming the mind to strngthening the body. Many people fail to associate pilates with balance because many of the pilates exerrcises are performed on the ground as apposed to activities such as yoga where the exerices are performed standing.

Saying this there are many pilates balance focused exercises from the teaser series to the single leg stretch. Pilates balance exercises are a little more interesting as they teach better balance while strengthening the body in its correct, natural alignment. Many different balance tequnique such as yoga or many of the fusion balance classes found in gyms nowdays encourge the body to learn ot improve body balance behaviour while the body is out of sync of where it ought to be. For example the spne might be hypaextended or a shoulderbade disclocaed from it socket. While there is no denying that these exercises aid flexibility, I am personally inclined to believe we can have it all. Yes, a full range of movement, increased flexibility and deep core strength, all built from maintaining the bodies natural alighnment while performng pilates balance exercises.

As a hollistic exercise method pilates generates a calming effect especially during the warm up where there is a  great emphasis on breathing and connecting mentally with the body. Equally, after the class I have many people come to me and explain that after the pilates class they leave with a great sense of calmness and balance.

One of the reasons I work on balance, pilates balance, on both a mental and physical level is because the class and pilates exercises demand consentration and control.

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As always we are looking forward to teaching you. Pilates balance and control classes in barcelona