Pilates at home takes the stress out of finding time to get to the gym and keeps you in your fitness or rehabilitation routine with ease.

Our personal training, yoga and Pilates at home classes at home are a luxury you will soon not be able to live without. Whether you want fitness or rehabilitation classes at work, home or at your hotel or Airbnb.

Our Pilates at home classes specialise in fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our teachers come to you home, hotel room or work place with mats and equipment. Small balls, rollers and bands.

Pilates is ideal for getting fit but as well as a pre injury and post injury recover method. Many physiotherapists and osteopaths add to their practise by incorporating Pilates exercises rather than traditional outdated physiotherapy exercises.

What can Pilates do for you?

Focus on improving posture. Postural exercises are a must for office workers who are sat down all day in front of a screen. More so now as we move into the world of working from home. Many people simply do not have the right chairs or desks to work ergonomically.

Mums to be as well as mums with new children also often need to focus more on postural exercises to ensure structural wellness as well as emotional wellness. Bad posture is known to reduce the free flow of nerves causing hormonal unbalance as well as physical discomfort from symptoms such as; pinch nerves.

Our yoga at home classes are designed to calm and relax the mind. Mentally and emotionally yoga helps you detach from your day as well as offering a great workout. Physically yoga improves mobility, strength and flexibility and releases stored up tension. Choose from a range of yoga classes from energising to slow and purposeful. What better way to finish a class than to be in your home bringing all that positive energy into your home, work or hotel space?

Our personal training at home sessions are designed for you and only you. Working out at home without a personal trainer can be complicated. It’s easy to stop half way through the workout or fail to put enough energy into the reps as you could do. A personal trainer will make sure you exercise correctly and to your full ability.

Why Pilates at home with a qualified and vetted Pilates instructor instead of online classes?

Online classes you may be able to see and hear the teacher…if you have a good internet connection. However, as a teacher who has taught online classes during lockdown, I can assure you your teacher can not offer the same correction in an online class.

You choose the level and your objective for the class weather you prefer Pilates at home, yoga at home or personal training at home.

Why not book a class with your flatmate or partner. Working out with a partner often motivates. Stay committed together.

All our instructors are vetted but we understand that sometime you prefer a male or female instructor. Choose whether you want a male or female instructor. We do ask for you to fill in one of our online forms with your full medical history and ID before the class. Classes are paid for online, click here to book a class, or via bank transfer.

What will your sessions look like?

Your personal trainer will arrive on time and the session will last 55 minutes unless otherwise agreed.

Your personal trainer or yoga or pilates instructor will arrive with all equipment necessary however we do recommend buying yourself a mat

You choose music or no music

A training plan is discussed at the end of the first session and referred back to ensure progress is being made.

For more information about our personal training, yoga or Pilates at home classes feel free to give us a call or a WhatsApp 644316850 and we will be happy to answer any questions.or click here to buy your first session!

Prices on Sundays and bank holidays may vary from what is listed on our prices page