In the world of sports pilates and golf are two compatible terms.

Golf is an increasingly popular sport as is Pilates an increasing way for golfers to improve their game and prevent injuries commonly caused by playing golf.

Pilates and golf training can help golfers improve fitness and their game. Many physical benefits found by practicing Pilates; balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, mental agility and endurance can be used when  playing golf.

Pilates and golf training has been known to help golfers maintain core balance during their game. Many Pilates exercises target the muscles that cause body core rotation . These are the same muscles that are used in the swinging action golfer need to excel at.

The benefits of Pilates and golf training

Improves posture and balance. Pilates exercises stabilize the spine, that prevents injuries and helps balance.
Pilates improves endurance in the legs and prevents fatigue.
Pilates improves flexibility in hips, torso and shoulder area enabling the golfer to use more force and strength.
Pilates strengthens the limbs and joints, especially the wrists.
Pilates corrects and prevents muscle imbalances that eventually may result in injury.

Pilates and golf training to strengthen your body and game.

Pilates exercises focus on helping the golfer strengthen their back, reducing the risk of back pain or injuries caused due to poor technique or poor posture.

The pilates back, neck and shoulders exercises strengthen and provide flexibility and stability to the area of the upper back and shoulders, which is very important not only to perform an athletic swing, but also to stabilize the neck during the back swing.

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Pilates and golf