Pilates and arthritis are two words becoming increasingly used in the same sentence. In this article we highlight how pilates can improve the quality of life for those living with Arthritis.

What is Athiris? Athirius is the lack of cartilage that cover the ends of the bones and help the movement of the skeleton structure as it provides smooth surfaces and cushions friction thus allowing the skeleton to move easily. Arthritis effects all cartilage but does more damage in certain areas such as the hips, spine, hands and knees. These areas bare more weight and therefore are more effected by the lack of cushioning

To date there is no cure or Arthritis but Pilates and other low impact exercise techniques such as yoga can help to give some relief. Pilates and Yoga work to improve the range of movement as well as bettering overall joint stability. At SimplyBePilates we recommend using a Pilates reformer machine to help practisioner ajust to the exercises on better or worse days. Arthritis is a degenerative disease that wears away cartilage Arthritis can effect anyone, old or young, though it is more common amongst the more mature.

Why pilates and arthritis? Pilates especially offers benefits to those suffering from Arthritis as the method works to strengthen the ligaments and muscles that support the areas such as the hips that are most effected by arthritis. Working to better the range of movement and flexibility help make the pain associated with this disease more manageable. Pilates reformer helps support the body allowing the client to work to his own capabilities

It is very important that the pilates exercises are performed with a certified instructor to avoid any risk of harm. Your instructor should be able to offer you modification to enable you to perform the exercises correctly and with notable improvement after 6 weeks if practiced a minimal of three times a week. For more information click here