Are you a Pilate’s addict?

Why do people become a Pilate’s addict? Well there’s the obvious; increase flexibility, muscle tone and flexibility, improved posture and all the other benefits of doing Pilates.

Pilates definition “She does intensive Pilates, deep-muscle floor exercises and stretches”

Have you crossed the line to become a Pilate’s addict? Here are some tell tell signs.

1 – Posture control – I have had many conversations about posture being a Pilate’s instructor. But recently I have found not only do I correct my posture and observe other people’s posture as a form of habit. My students are starting to comment that they are also gaining awareness of not only their own posture, which is to be expected, but noticing other people that either need to do Pilates or they feel do Pilates from their lean bodies and way of walking!

2 – You can identify your core. Many people look at a Pilate’s class and see an abs class. The subtitle position of the hips and rib cage and breathing technique ensuring all exercises are evolving from the core, supported by the core and benefit the core

3 – As a Pilates addict you will find yourself laughing or shocked at people that think Pilates is yoga, or is easy!

4 – You have a deep love for the harder exercises like the plank or the hundred.

5 – You have recommended Pilates to someone who was complaining about back pain or bad posture.

6 – As a Pilates addict you have most probably you have dragged a good friend or partner to a class, wanting to share your addition and bring the love to ones you care about.

7 – Life becomes Pilates easy, it’s not noticed at first but soon you see that running for that bus, playing with your kids and carrying the shopping is much easier.

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