ROLL UP – This Pilates Abdominal Exercise targets abdominals and spine. It is performed on a Mat

 Starting position

  • Sitting tall on the floor, spine in neutral
  • Shoulder blades stabilizized against the ribs
  • Legs hip distance apart with the feet in flex.
  • For a more challenging workout bend the knees, the balls of the feet flat on the ground.


Fix the shoulders down the back and lengthen through the spine lifting the arms above the head or horizontal to the shoulders.


Maintain length through back of neck and pelvis neutral. Empty the abdominals and tilt the pelvis forward. Flex the lumber (lower) then thoracic (middle) spine lowering the body down to the floor vertebra by vertebra until the head is on the ground.


Hold position on the floor


Lift the head to look at the feet. oll upper body down to mat acknowledging each vertibra, allowing cervical spine to return to neutral. The head arrive on the floor at the nape of the neck before returning to neutral where the chin faces the celling.

Arms lower accompanying the spine.

This Pilates Abdominal Exercise is not only great for strengthening the core, but works wonders to improve the flexibility of the spine. To

Pregnancy friendly?

This Pilates Abdominal Exercise can NOT be safely performed by pregnant women.

Complete up to five sets. You can repeat this exercise daily

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