Osteopathy techniques to unblock myofascial

Osteopathy techniques to unblock myofascial and reduce pain and malfunctions in the gentile and urine tract. There are 2 main hand placements for this technique, for both the patient is lying down and facing towards the ceiling.

The first hand placement is where ones hand is placed under the sacrum and the other just above the public. It is the hand above the pubic bone that applies pressure and mobilises or pushed down on the myofascial until a new barrier is felt.

The second hand placement, and more comfortable for many patients is where one hand is placed on the lower thoracic vertebra and the other on the xiphoid cartilage (the tip of the sternum) It is the hand on the xiphoid cartilage applies pressure and mobilizes the myofascial until a new barrier is felt.

Compression of the fourth ventricle.

The fourth ventricle is a cavity in the brain that stores spinal fluid. The following technique is used to regulate the amount of fluid entering the brain. This technique often is used for people suffering from hypertension, anxiety, excessive fluid production and a range of secondary issues caused by structural and other blockages in the body.

Both hands are cupped and placed on the patients occipital while he patient in lying down, face up. The neck is placed in extension and pressure applied until the “beating” caused by fluid movement becomes quite. Some breaths are held and pressure released. The fluid beat returns stronger and the patient has a sense of relaxation.

This technique also helps prevent involuntary movements in the limbs and amplifies breathing capacity. Note that this technique should not be carried out if there is inflammation, head injury or heart issues.

These are two example of Osteopathy techniques to unblock myofascial

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