Osteopathy sessions for Meniscus and osteochondritis injuries

Osteopathy sessions for Meniscus and osteochondritis injuries in Barcelona with Simplybe – our professional team, your health.


Wikipedia describes a meniscus as a meniscus as a crescent shaped fibrocartilaginous structure that partly divides a joint cavity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meniscus

Osteopathy tests for injured meniscus are:

Patient face down on a bed, the leg is placed at 90º and while the foot is rotated internal or externally and down to establish is the crossed ligaments. another test included checking he patient face up, leg bent and applying the push / pull test.

To establish is the injury is the internal or external ligament the patient lying down, leg straight and a rotation is forced to the knee by twisting above the ankle.

An injured meniscus can be treated by an Osteopath to reduce pain and aid recovery. The treatment is as follows:

  1. Quiromassage for the full leg
  2. Deep tissue work on around the knee joint alternated with ice.
  3. Indirect mobilization (in the opposite direction of the injury)

It is vital to note that a damaged meniscus should not be treated with heat, damaged ligaments should not be stretched and inflammation should be treated with a drainage massage rather than quiro – massage.



Wikipedia describes osteochondritis as: “a painful type of osteochondritis where the cartilage or bone is inflamed” Inflammation is below the knee cap.

Osteochondritis is caused often by a fall or a hit to the knee cap. However it can also be a consequence of a degenerative disease or a chronic bursitis.

A symptom of Osteochondritis is pain when the patient activates his quadriceps while pressure is applied to the knee cap. The pain is usually server. An excessive amount of weight of pressure applied to the knee increase the pain and rest reduces the pain.

sessions for osteochondritis are:

  1. Quiromassage with movement alternated with ice
  2. Tractions without impulse (leg straight), Knee traction without impulse (seated)
  3. Realign the knee bend knee and straighten with impulse

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