Osteopathy sessions for ankle injuries amongst other include: sprains, tendonitis, capsulitis, bursitis and heel spurs.

Osteopathy test for ankle injuries

Pain experienced by the patient when moving the foot against resistance. Foot in extension to activate the tibia tendons and ligaments, extension and abduction or adduction to test the peroneal, the foot in flex to test the base of the foot and the Achilles tendon, pressure to the metacarpal to test the tendons supporting the metacarpal. Compress and separated from the joint to test for bursitis and capsulitis respectively.

A tendinitis, capsulitis, sprain and bursitis are treated in the same way as other joints. Engaging massage techniques, cyriax with ice, mobilization, stretching and then manipulations with or without impulse.

Osteopathy sessions for ankle injuries include:

  1. Unblocking the tibia-astragal’s- calcaneus involves traction with the foot in flexions
  2. Unblocking the metacarpals by stabilizing fingers between the metacarpals and pulling the outer sides of the foot up.
  3. Stabilizing the joint by placing reinforced thumbs under the ankle bone and either push or pull with impulse the foot in the opposite direction.
  4. Unblocking the toes in traction
  5. Unblocking the cuboids by creating a wave sensation with the leg (with impulse)

In the case of damaged ligaments it is important to massage the surrounding areas and avoid stretching. Strengthening exercises are vital to recovery. Some exercises include; curling ones toes to strengthen the ball and arc of the foot. Puling the foot towards the head against a band or bar.

Heel calcification

In the case of calcification to the heel of the foot the symptoms are obvious as the patient will complain about the sensation of having a “stone in his or hers shoe”.

Causes can be as serious arthritis to bad posture / shoes

The osteopathy treatment is the same as tendinitis but paying attention to the patient’s age and the degree of calcification. A shoe support is recommended in these cases as a well as stretching and strengthening exercises.

Fasciitis plantar is an inflammation of the base of the foot caused by flat feet, obesity, repetitive movements.

Pain is experienced when walking at any point of the base of the foot. The treatment is the same as when there is calcification.

Tibia – Astragalin injury

This is an injury caused normally by a sprain or fall

The osteopath treatment is quiro massage, cyriax, and manipulations in traction and tibia-astragalin-calcaneus

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