Osteopathy in Barcelona is becoming more popular and is starting to be as well known as Physiotherapy. Both frequently chosen methods of rehabilitation in Barcelona.

Physiotherapy and osteopathy are quite different even though they are often used to treat the same health problems.

The main differenc in based on the ideology and the training that a Physiotherapist and osteopath will receive. We at Simplybepilates Pilates and osteopathy recognise both professions as valid.

However, we believe that people choose physiotherapy more in Barcelona as the profession has been more widely accepted in society. This is very different to other countries such as France and the UK where you will find Osteopathy commonly thought of before physiotherapy for treating health issues. At Simplybepilates we feel that osteopathy in Barcelona should be the number one choice for injury rehabilitation and general musculoskeletal problems.

Why choose Osteopathy in Barcelona?

An Osteopath views the body as one unit and ultimately self-healing. If you think about a car, we often get parts of our cars fixed. The brakes are damaged, so we fix the brakes, the spark plugs are damaged, so we replace the spark plugs. However, by law in many countries’ car owners are obligated to get an annual check-up where ALL the cars components are checked. Why? It is because, like our bodies a cars parts are inter-connecting and therefore rely on each other to work. If you go to a physiotherapist that body part will be fixed if the physiotherapist is well trained. Whereas an Osteopath will look at the whole body and address issues that maybe related or the cause of the problem as well as the problem.

As an Osteopath I often treat patients who are suffering from shoulder or neck pain. In many cases the problem causing this pain is in another part of the body, such as the hips. In my opinion it is essential to treat the root cause of the problem. Treating the root of the problem means positive long-term results and health.

In our health clinic in Barcelona we offer Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy services aimed at correcting imbalances. Physical imbalance can cause muscle tension and or weakness, restricted joint movement, poor posture and stress. We encourage people to attend sessions not only as a form of correcting these health problems but also as a means of maintaining their health. Overall health and wellness are more likely to generate better physical habits and reduce chance of illness and injury.

A physiotherapist and an Osteopath will both work within the category of manual therapy. Using touch and tests to seek out the problem. In many cases such as a muscle spasm the issue is obvious. It is important to recognise that often it is important to see a doctor before seeing your osteopath or physiotherapist as an x-ray or ultrasound will be necessary to fully understand the issue. This is important as an Osteopath in Barcelona; we are not permitted to diagnose illnesses. A clear report allows an Osteopath to deal directly with the problem rather than leaning on experience and medical information learn from the patient. However, Osteopaths are first care providers and it is not necessary to see a doctor before seeing your Osteopath in many cases.

In Barcelona physiotherapy sessions are often held in groups. For example; one person would be with a heat patch while the physiotherapist massages the next. This type of treatment is just not possible for Osteopathy. We believe that you should be attended to by your osteopathy for minimum 45 minutes and have his or her attention for the full session. Furthermore, I believe it is recommended to stay with the same Osteopath during your treatment to get the best results.

Osteopathy is a gentle treatment and the treatment will vary depending on each patient. A patient in serve pain will receive a massage but the massage may be focused on working the muscle chain related to the damaged muscles rather than the muscle that is affected. Equally when we practise mobilization techniques, the movement will confirm to the client’s pain threshold.  Often impulse manipulations will be avoided for the first session as will an exercise routine in favour of rest.

It is important that you find the right health centre and manual therapist for you. For more information and a free 20-minute consultation contact Devorah at Simplybepilates.com or give us a call on (0034) 644316850.