Your trusted Osteopathy Centre in Barcelona, Simplybe, offers a wide range of treatments that identify damaged muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints.

By treating these “weak” points in your body you will enable your body to recover regaining your health and balance. We believe that for your body to be healthy it needs to work efficiently. When there is a weak link, or an imbalance your body will compensation to allow for this weak link, or injured body part. Compensation leads to inefficiency and stress that over time can lead to health problems ranging from migraines to muscle tension.

Whether you are young, old, pregnant or sporty we all use our bodies and at time to time find ourselves in pain. An osteopath uses his or her hands to locate the source of pain and apply a number of techniques, performed in a specific order to reduce the pain and re-balance the body. Techniques include massage, stretching, trust and mobilization.

Osteopathy is a safe treatment and an alternative to traditional medicine where we are encouraged to take drugs and the solution offered is more often rest. It is not to say that Osteopathy doesn’t work with traditional medicine and like doctors an Osteopath will often send his patient for an X ray if an underlying problem is suspected.

Our Osteopathy centre specialises in the following illness and problems.

Back Pain

Disc injuries and Sciatica

Pre-natal and post parto discomfort

Postural issues

Sport injuries

Arthritic pain and discomfort


Tendonitis, Capsulitis and Bursitis

Neck pain

Headaches and migraines

Improve your range of moment

Aids digestive problems

Helps sleep


Lymphatic systems

Nervous system

Overall wellbeing

What is the secret to our success?

At Simplybepilates we have been working with people to help reduce pain and aid rehabilitation with great success. We believe that to get better a holistic approach is necessary. At Simplybepilates we encourage using a range of complementary therapies such as Osteopathy, Massage, Electro therapy and Pilates. We find particular success from combining manual therapy such as Osteopathy with Pilates, a exercise method. All our treatments are holistic and encourage the body and mind to work together to heal

We don’t only want to help you reduce the pain we also want to teach you how to strengthen your body so you can stay pain free. For a free phone consultation call us on 644316850. To book your session directly click here 

The Simplybe Osteopathy centre is easy to find. We are just a 5-minute walk away from plaza Catalunya in the heart of the eixample derecha, Barcelona. Parking is just in front of our osteopathy centre.

Before your first visit to our osteopathy centre, you will need to filling in the form below so that we have a good understanding of your needs and can treat you our best abilities. Osteopathy can help you overcome not only physical problems but emotional and phycological problems