One to One Pilates sessions are about the match as much as the Pilates.

The definition of “One to One” is “Perfectly matching one thing in the group to another thing in the group”. Which is what we are about in our one to one pilates sesiones. Definition according to Webster’s Dictionary

I love this definition when thinking about my one to one Pilates sessions with my students “perfectly matching”. It rings true!

Each one to one Pilate’s session is different even though the exercises are the same. The teaching method and style changes in one to one classes depending on the client. I enjoy the different hats you need to put on with the different clients. To coin a stereotype my northern European clients tend to need more explanation than my Southern European clients. Professionalism is key for new clients and its interesting how some of that professionalism turns to friendliness after time as you join the client on their journey. The friendship, trust, empathy and respect as important as the exercises.

As a Pilates instructor and the owner of a Pilate’s studio it is important that everyone gets personalized one to one attention in group classes as well as one to one classes. My group classes are put together at the moment the students walk into the class. I offer exercises that most help those in that particular class as if the session was a one to one Pilates session rather than a group class. Just more bodies to consider.

One to one Pilate’s sessions offer the clients the following benefits.

  • 100% of the teacher attention to ensure the exercises are done properly.
  • All of the exercises are chosen to help the client reach his or hers goal faster.
  • The exercises are at the right level; both to reap the benefits and to challenge.
  • Two way communication; the client can ask all the questions he or her needs to.

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