Individual Pilates classes in Barcelona

The definition of “One to One” is to perfectly match one element of a group with another element in the same group as in individual Pilates sessions.

The individual Pilates session is different even though the exercises are the same. The teaching method and style changes in individual classes and clearly depends on the client.

Individual and personalised classes for:

Our individual classes can be requested by anyone who wants them. In our journey, we have gained a lot of experience in individual Pilates sessions:

  • For pregnant women
  • Pilates with machines
  • Barre Pilates

Individual Pilates Sessions allow you:

100% teacher attention to ensure that the exercises are performed correctly.
All exercises are chosen to help the client reach their goal faster.
Exercises will be adapted to your level and pace of learning.
Bi-directional communication: the client can ask for changes in exercise requests or muscles to work on any other request or doubt.
Professionalism is key for our students, it is important to have a well established exercise routine carried out by a professional. Trust, empathy and respect become as important as the exercises.