Better value pilates classes when you book in for OFF PEAK times.

Off peak prices for Pilates reformer classes and massage or Osteopathy sessions

For better value pilates prices your off peak times are 10.30am – 2pm and again from 3.15pm to 6pm. Enjoy and benefit from the same quality Pilates classes and Osteopathy session for less.


Sign up to 1 months of Private reformer classes for 160€ instead of 200€. You can use these classes as you like, once a week for the month. To find out more, or book your classes today click here or you can always call or whatsapp us on 644316850

Why private reformer classes? 

Correct postural problems

Prevent injury and or post injury / trauma recovery

Strengthen, tone and improve flexibility

Increase your physical consciousness and overall well being

We make sure you have an enjoyable dynamic class, and we will leave you to enjoy feeling the benefits and loving your new shape. Better value pilates classes with simplybe


Pay 45€ a session instead of 60€. Osteopathy sessions can help correct the body after or during an illness, an injury, repetitive action syndrome or poor posture. To find out more, or book your sessions today click here or you can call or whatsapp us on 644316850

Why Chose Osteopathy as a treatment?

Reduces pain and tension caused by over worked tense muscles

Corrects skeleton misalignment and blockages

Improves mobility and flexibility

Overall wellness including reduce stress and anxiety

Helps respiration and digestive problems

Sign up to our off peak summer promotion and not only do you save 20% off our prices you also save as we waver the sign up cost and don’t obligate you to a fixed term contract. Better value pilates for all

Our goal is to help you to be in shape, healthy and feel good!!!