Nourish yourself, your body and your baby in our Mum and Baby Pilates Classes

As a new mum, you know how hard it is to find time to exercise between working, taking care of the house and of course spending time with your new born.

Simplybepilates® is offering you a way to stay healthy in mind and body during your first year being a mum without having to think about childcare or having to “fit your workout in”.

A Mums and Tots Pilates Class allows the mums to workout with her child, incorporating the child into a classic Mat Pilates workout.

The benefits of a Mum and baby Pilate’s class.

These are some of the benefits for baby:

· Enjoy a fun time with mum
· Sounder sleep after the class
· Helps to stimulate the physiological development
· Enhance interaction and play

Benefits for the mums: ·

· Enjoy a good workout with your baby
· Post-natal recovery especially on the lower back and pelvic floor muscles
· Strengthen core muscles
· Weight loss and tone
· Great exercises you can do with baby at home
· Relax and de-stress

A Pilates Mum and baby class permits new mums can get back into shape, feel stronger and more confident while bonding with their babies in a social and safe environment.
Trial class 15€
Monthly subscription 60€
Trimester 150€

The class is suitable for mums with “non-walkers” and are taught in English. For information regarding the centre contact us here.

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