Of course men need massages too! Massage therapy is a cross gender therapy that benefits men and women equally.

Men need massages and luckily slowly society is moving away from the typical image of massage being a Spa sessions where women go to gossip and treat themselves to a relaxation massage. About time! Men are stepping forward and booking their massage appointments

Men need massages, we know that but why?

Better sleep – Men need massages because statistics show that 20% of men have problems sleeping due to a lack of Serotonin. (The feel good hormone) A relaxation massage will release serotonin leaving the client relaxed and feeling great and induce better sleep patterns.

Better flexibility –Men need massages because men are naturally less flexible than women, although even researchers “can’t specifically link it to differences in hormones, musculature, or connective tissue.” According to https://www.yogauonline.com/yogau-wellness-blog/yoga-practice-tips-are-men-really-less-flexible-women. A massage improves flexibility and helps prevent injuries caused by tight muscles

Muscle recuperation – Men need massages because they are more prone to undertake physical activities such as weight training or long distance running. These types of anaerobic and endurance trainings are muscle damaging. A good deep tissue or sport massage will help keep the body healthy as well as aid recovery for over stressed muscles

Less grey hairs – men need massages to reduce stress, the serotonin released during a massage helps elevate ones moon and makes it easier to see life from a better perspective. One man step at a time! Men are also less likely to seek help when anxious or depressed unlike women who tend to communicate more about their feelings and have a better support system in these situations. A massage is not alterative to professional psychological treatment is can reduce the level of anxiety or depression giving the man a break and some space to realign.

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