Mat pilates exercise Ab prep

This Pilates exercise targets abdominals and lower back. It is performed on a Mat

Starting position

  • Lying on the floor face up, pelvis and spine in neutral, arms by the hips.
  • Legs bent with the feet approx. 30cm from the buttocks. Legs hip distance apart
  • Neck lengthened and ribcage placed against the floor
  • Shoulder blades lightly attached the top of the rib cage.
  • For a more challenging workout bring the knees directly above the hips for the duration of the exercise.


Lengthen through the spine Lift ones arms over the head until the elbows align with the ears. Keep the ribs fixed to the floor and the spine in neutral.


Maintain length through back of neck and pelvis neutral. Empty the abdominals and slide the rib cage toward the pelvis. Flex the thoracic spine lifting the head and shoulder off the ground. Watch out that the shoulders are off the ground to avoid neck injuries.

Pull the arms down to the hips. Reach the hands away from the head.

Chin tucked in the distance of an egg in-between the chin and the chest. Head facing the abdominals.


Hold the position and maintain the abdominals active while breathing into the rib cage


Arms lower accompanying the spine.Roll upper body down to mat acknowledging each vertibra, allowing cervical spine to return to neutral. The head arrive on the floor at the nape of the neck before returning to neutral where the chin faces the celling.

This Pilates exercise is not only great for strengthening the core, but works wonders to improve the flexibility of the spine.

Pregnancy friendly? Pregnancy pilates, the safest exercises during your pregnancy

This exercise can NOT be safely performed by pregnant women

Complete up to five sets. You can repeat this exercise daily

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