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OFF PEAK times, off peak prices for Pilates reformer classes and Osteopathy sessions

Our off peak times are 10.30am – 2pm and again from 3.15pm to 6pm. Enjoy and benefit from the same quality Pilates classes and Osteopathy session for less.


Sign up to 1 months of Private reformer classes for 160€ instead of 200€. You can use these classes as you like, once a week for the month. To find out more, or book your classes today click here or you can always call or whatsapp us on 644316850

Why private reformer classes? 

Correct postural problems

Prevent injury and or post injury / trauma recovery

Strengthen, tone and improve flexibility

Increase your physical consciousness and overall well being

We make sure you have an enjoyable dynamic class, and we will leave you to enjoy feeling the benefits and loving your new shape.


Pay 45€ a session instead of 55€. Osteopathy sessions can help correct the body after or during an illness, an injury, repetitive action syndrome or poor posture. To find out more, or book your sessions today click here or you can call or whatsapp us on 644316850

Why Chose Osteopathy as a treatment?

Reduces pain and tension caused by over worked tense muscles

Corrects skeleton misalignment and blockages

Improves mobility and flexibility

Overall wellness including reduce stress and anxiety

Helps respiration and digestive problems

Sign up to our off peak summer promotion and not only do you save 20% off our prices you also save as we waver the sign up cost and don’t obligate you to a fixed term contract.

Our goal is to help you to be in shape, healthy and feel good!!!



Trial Pilates class just 7€!

September 30, 2016
Pilates class barcelona

Come and trial a Pilates class for just 7€ and…

if you like it you can now sign up without any sign up fees or contractual commitment.

We have morning, afternoon and evening classes varying from Pilates classes to improve your posture, Pilates classes with bands and balls for improving your fitness levels and Pilates classes to relieve back and neck pain.

We offer flexible membership – you can chose a monthly subscription or a pack of classes that allows you to drop in to our Pilates classes when it suits you. Click here to book a class, tell us on the contact form which class you would like to attend

Our classes are taught in English and Spanish by professional Pilates instructors, of whom also hold other professional titles such as: Osteopathy and massage Therapists so you get the best treatment and care in your Pilates class. Click here to book a class, please select the box on the contact form informing us which class you would like to attend.

Our classes have between 6 and 8 students per class so you get individual attention during the classes and a comfortable environment to learn. Click here to book a class, please select the box on the contact form informing us which class you would like to attend.

Pilates pregnancy

Our pregnancy classes are maximum 5 women and all classes are taught with bands and balls. Our pregnancy classes work so that our clients enjoy their pregnancy as well as prepare them for birth and recuperation after the happy day. The trial class price is 10€. Click here to book a class, please select the box on the contact form informing us which class you would like to attend.

Pilates Reformer

We also offer private and semi-private Pilates reformer classes which help you reach your goals fast and effectively. Our Private reformer classes are especially recommended for students with server physical limitations and / or concerns. For more information about our private reformer classes click here and we will be happy to help. Our trial class price for a private reformer class is 50€. Click here to book a class, please select the box on the contact form informing us which class you would like to attend.

At Simplybe we have everything you need, changing rooms, multiple toilets, lift and a fully equipped beautiful studio in the center of Barcelona. All you need to do is come and enjoy the Pilates classes and feel great!

For more information contact us on 644316850 or click here.

Our Studio is Calle Roger de Lluria 46 1º 2ª 08009


Pilates reformer advanced pilate´s classes in barcelona

Reformer classes (RC) are a form of strength training as the Pilates exercises are performed using resistence caused by the springs which lead to faster physical results. The springs in the machine can provide support for difficult exercises which means the muscles can be worked deeper.

The Reformer is a very versatile machine, and the variations are endless, so you never get bored. There are many exercises that incorporate standing on the Reformer and these exercise transfer more directly to your daily activities.

There are  different levels of RC 

Beginners’ Classes
Suitable for those individuals who are moving onto Reformer after attending Mat classes or who have done an introductory session.  This is a basic level class that targets the whole body. 

Intermediate Classes
This class is suitable for those who have attended the introductory sessions or the beginners’ classes. The pace is moderate but challenging and will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating whole body workout.

Beginner and Essential. We recommend attending Matwork classes alongside your Reformer classes.

Clases are offered one to one. For more information click here or fill in the form below




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Pilates is ever more popular in barcelona. The practise strems from the 40s when Pilates classes became popular with dancers, gymnasts and people in the performing arts, all taking reformer pilates classes. Now the benefits of Pilates are widespread and it is practiced by all types of people with positive results. Pilates in Barcelona is still new compared to other cities such as London, New York and Sydney but it is growing each year in popularity as reformer classes and various new types of mat classes such as Yoga-pilates fusion pop up.

Osteopathy sessions

Osteopathy sessions can reduce pain caused by both degenerative diseases, muscles sprains and tension as well as skeleton structural pain

Osteopathy is a form of manual treatment that is recognized in the UK, Australia and America as a medical profession as the sessions have proved to be highly effective in reducing or eliminating pain.

So why is Osteopathy so effective? Osteopathy sessions are effective as the Osteopath views the body as a whole, investigating not only the area of the body that the patient is suffering from, but also the connected areas. Often we, as Osteopaths, find that re is a primary source of the blockage or damage is causing the patients main source of pain. For example and one of the most common cases is when a patient come into the clinic suffering from a pain in the back of the leg, this pain usually originates from a blockage, muscles tension or hernia in the lower back. Click here to book a consultation

We know that the body communicates via nerve signals that travel from the brain and down the spine. If those nerve signals are blocked the body is unable to communicate and health deteriorates and pain arises. We also, as osteopaths understand how the body functions from a mechanical point of view and during an Osteopathy treatment an osteopath can detect, manually as well as from reading medical reports structural mis – alignments and limitations of movement. With this information the Osteopath can provide treatment and you, the patient will feel relief as the pain reduces. This normally take a number of sessions depending on the problem.

An Osteopathy session consists of a number of tests and manipulations, to ensure the manipulations are effective and provide the correct results. An Osteopath constantly investigates and modifies making the treatment progressive and more effective. Click here to book a consultation 

An Osteopathy treatment includes massage and stretching as well as what most people think of an Osteopathy treatment, the famous cracking of the joints. An Osteopathy treatment is actually very mild and gentle on the body and feels good one performed.

Our Osteopaths are expertly trained and speak English and Spanish. Click here to read more about what the UK national health service says about Osteopathy sessions

For more information about our Osteopathy sessions in our clinic in the center of Barcelona feel free to come in for a consultation. To book your consultation click here. If you prefer to have a chat first fell free to call us on 644316850












Where are the multi-level Pilates classes? It’s not easy to find multi-level Pilates classes in Barcelona

As a Pilate’s instructor, and you don’t have to be a Pilate’s instructor to be an advance Pilates student I can relate to the frustration of attending a Pilate’s class and practicing the same basic Pilates exercises.

There are a huge range of Pilates exercises but because of the nature of Pilates and that it draws people who suffer from injuries it is difficult to offer more advanced exercises for many studios as the risk of offering advanced options to those who are injured and may cause more harm than good.

If you are not sure you are ready to jump to an advanced Pilate’s class but are ready to move from the standard basic Pilates classes offered in most studios, we recommend trying a multi-level classes. Our professional and experienced teachers are able to “control” the class and level. Encourage those who can to try a more difficult modification and gently advising those enthusiasts to opt for the easier version to ensure they build the strength before moving forward to advanced modifications or exercises.

We pride ourselves in knowing our students, not just their names and injuries but them as people. We know those who have characters which want to jump to the next level and those who want to stay in their comfort zones. We nurture both types of characters and therefore can offer multi-level classes that will work for you.

At Simplybepilates we offer a range of classes including advanced and multi-level Pilates classes. An advanced group Pilate’s class will include exercises such as the teaser, swan and boomerang. We also encourage those looking for advanced exercises to try our private Pilates reformer classes, a private Pilate’s class will allow you to up your game in terms of strength, flexibility and technique. What’s not to love about that? But will also give you the exact workout of your choice. We appreciate that private classes can be expensive which is why we offer a 10% off your first 10 pack!

For more information about our advanced Pilates classes, multi-level classes or private classes click here

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