In Love with Pilates on your first “date”, well that was not me. I was quite the opposite.

My Pilates attendance was honestly as a result of lack of other Aerobic classes in the gym next to my work in London before I made the moved to Barcelona.

Having limited time in life with my career and all the speed and craziness of living in London my lunchtimes were the time to work out. I actually suffered in my first Pilates classes. The slow and controlled speed that the exercises were performed at, at the time seemed boring and the class dragged on forever. Connecting with your body rather than pushing yourself to the max was a new concept and my mind was as many people’s minds are that live in a big city, focused on getting my workout done and out of there and onto the next task of the day. I completely skipped over the mind body awareness.

It wasn’t until I started attending the class with an X dancer friend who swore by Pilates. Watching her move and breath her way through the exercises was fascinating. Pilates is not graceful or spectacular like dance or yoga but she seemed to be performing each exercise with an elegance and control accompanied by calm gentle breath. Moving into the positions smoothly and with ease, almost silently, I got the sense she was in love with pilates.

Taking a look at her lean, toned body and seeing this dream like movement I decided to get committed starting with a Private class. Even today I strongly recommend a Private Pilates class for those who can, whether you are a beginner, want to improve technique, or learn some Pilate’s exercises to start your Pilates home workout routine.

Those classes were 15 years ago and I’m glad I give Pilates a second chance. I got to reminiscing because of an interesting article that I read in the Guardian where the writer hated her first Pilate’s class. This made me related but more than this as I’m sure we are not the only ones that didn’t like our first Pilates class was one of the end quotes “Never use momentum to complete a move: make your muscles do the work.” Which showed me the extent of her journey and that she also “got it” This rung true to me and is something I try to pass on to my students every day.

Pilates may not be love at first sight for all. Take your time, I recommend 5 classes to start to recognize the Pilates method and then another 5 to start feeling the difference in your body. Falling in love with Pilates maybe a slow burner for you, but the love is there for you to have.

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