Why have a personal trainer?

A personal trainer helps to not only motivate you but also shows you how to do each exercise correctly getting the maximum effect from each exercise. By learning how to exercise correctly you reduce the risk of injury and work more efficiently. Helping you to reach your goals faster.

The first session will be to assess you fitness, strength, flexibility and balance which will enable us to create a program tailored for your needs.

We believe each person gains greater results, finds a reslease from stress and new inspiration from trainning with a personal trainer


Tone and sculpt your body
Lose weight
Improve your co-ordination
Increase muscle mass
Improve your cardio capability
Improve posture and strengthen your body
Increase your metabolism
Feel great!

You decide when and where you workout, leave it to us to improve your health and change body!

Whatever your fitness level, health or age we will design a overall fitness programme for you, including one 2 one training sessions, exercises to do in your own time and  nutritional advise.

We offer sessions in our studio, your home, or  in the fresh air.

Sign up now and take advantage of our promotion pack of 10 classes for just 325 euros.

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