Click here to book and please remember to include your gympass membership number in the box under your address.

You are responsible for checking in, Please check in and tell our teacher BEFORE CLASS so we can help you check in correctly. If your mebership number is not included when you sign up for a class we will reject the booking.

By the way… we offer a wide range of massages, private reformer classes, assisted strecthing and osteopathy sessions. Unfortunately our private classes and therapy services are not available on Gympass, but feel free to contact us directly for more info on these services. Click here to book your session

*We are required to inform Gympass of no shows and late cancellations. We are not be able to facilitate a checkin manually. Sorry, not our rules.

*We understand that sometimes traffic is bad, but we ask you to arrive puntually and reserve the right to refuse late arrivals as it is disruptive for our teachers and the other students. We want everyone to have a great experience!