Group Pilates classes in Barcelona

In recent years, Pilates has become quite popular and it’s not surprising that it is so because of its countless benefits. But when it comes to choosing a Pilates centre in Barcelona, it doesn’t mean that all group Pilates classes are the same.

We recommend that you try several Pilates groups before deciding on one. For more information about our group Pilates classes have a look at our calendar.

A group Pilates class can be on mat or on the reformer machine. In Pilates mat the exercise is based on your body and is much more economical.

In Pilates reformer the exercises are more varied which is more interesting for those who have an advanced level, in addition, this type of Pilates can help people with injuries as you can regulate the intensity of the exercise by adjusting the machine.

Pilates centre with group classes

Group Pilates classes in Barcelona, as a general rule, include exercises that are not suitable for beginners or too easy for experts. At Simplybepilates we have a wide range of groups depending on your level of Pilates.

We advise people to change groups ourselves, in our trial classes for 8€, if we see that it does not meet their expectations or if their level is higher.

At Simplybepilates a group Pilates class consists of 5-8 members depending on the type of class.

Pregnant clasess  –   máx 5 women

beginners classes – 8 members.

At Simplybe there are never classes that are too full, we are known for providing a quality and personalised service. We believe it is essential for your development to be in small classes.

For more information about our group Pilates classes call us on 644316850 and we will be happy to help you find the group that best suits your level and expectations.