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    Fortalécete, tonifícate y logra una postura perfecta sin permanencia con nuestras clases de Pilates en un ambiente acogedor adecuado para todos los niveles. Nuestras clases tienen grupos reducido de modo que tanto si su objetivo es mantener su estado físico o mejorar, recibirá la atención que necesite Pilates en Barcelona Haz clic aquí!

  • Pilates Clase de Pruebas 8€

    Disfrute de una clase dinámica de Pilates en Barcelona en un ambiente acogedor adecuado para todos los niveles. Nuestras clases solo tienen de 6 a 8 estudiantes, de modo que tanto si su objetivo es mantener su estado físico o mejorar, recibirá la atención que necesite ¡Entre en el juego y mire de lo que estamos hablando!* Tenga en cuenta que las clases de prueba de Embarazo son de 10 €

  • Clases Privadas de Pilates Reformer o Yoga 10% de descuento!

    Pilates Reformer es ideal para crear músculos largos y esbeltos, mejorar la postura y prevenir y rehabilitar lesiones. Las clases privadas de reformer se recomiendan para cualquier persona con problemas de salud y a aquellos que desean mejorar los niveles de condición física. Reserve su clase de prueba y elija el cuerpo que desee con las clases de reformer de Pilates en Barcelona. * oferta válida para sus 10 clases iniciales.


  • Meredith Peters
    Meredith Peters
    19:50 23 Jan 18
    Having never done pilates before, I saw a massive difference in my body following three months of pilates with Devorah, especially strength in my core, neck, and arms. As another reviewer says, I think her classes have a perfect balance of work and rest. It has been many more than three months now, and I still look forward to my classes with Simplybe Pilates.
    Ashley Jurcak
    Ashley Jurcak
    11:24 11 Jan 18
    I went to see Devorah for muscle tightness and pain in my shoulder and hip in October. She was wonderful. After three session of osteopathy (massages and adjustments), my shoulder was completely different, the tightness I have had for a long time was gone. She loosened areas I didn't even realize needed it. Devorah also taught me stretches to do at home that would target my specific problem areas. She is super friendly and honest, she never pushed me to do more sessions when she knew I didn't need them. I would recommend her if you are looking for osteopathy in Barcelona.
    10:07 24 Sep 17
    Booked massage for my husband and I last minute as we was on holiday here. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. We were seen by Paul who was phenomenal, he sorted out my husbands shoulder pain which he had had for weeks and general massage was great. We have massages regularly and was extremely impressed with Paul's professionalism and skill. We would definitely return here if we were staying longer.
    Andres Moser
    Andres Moser
    09:11 02 Aug 17
    Devorah's pilates classes are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I started with pilates reformer classes a few months ago and could see a huge improvement in my flexibility and strength after just a few weeks. I also took some osteopathy sessions with her and it really helped my back aches. Classes are fun and very interactive!
    Marina Gomez
    Marina Gomez
    17:06 26 Apr 17
    I've really enjoyed the lessons, you don't have time to think so it's great to disconect while exercise. Smart teacher and nice people! Lessons don't have the same difficulty so it's beter to apply for your level. And sometimes, you feel shorter lesson than what you would like to.
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