Electro therapy sessions in Barcelona

Electro therapy sessions in Barcelona with Simplybepilates for fast and effective pain relief for all ages.

How does electrotherapy work?

An electrical current is applied via electrodes to repair unhealthy muscles and stimulate and repair damaged nerves. The electrical current effectively cause a chemical reaction which triggers messages to be sent to the spinal cord and brain in order to relieve pain and heal a number of pathologies.

The greater the nerve damage, the greater the electric charge must be used to stimulate a muscle and to produce an “excitatory response” (activating the nerve to produce electrochemical signals that travel to and from the brain).

The intensity of the electrical current, although known to be more effective to activate muscle fibers when higher should be used with caution. A high voltage can be painful for the client and a time / intensity ratio should be employed. For example: A lower voltage for a longer period of time should be used to activate the same amount of muscle fibers and a greater number of electro therapy sessions planned.

There are a number of types of electrical current that can be used, each valid for different pathologies. It is essential that you go to a therapist that have specialized to university level in this field to ensure safe treatment.

What is electrotherapy used for?

There are many uses for electrotherapy treatments from reducing muscles pain to increasing muscle tone all of which have been scientifically proven over the course of years to give patents positive results. Both the Spanish and English https://www.nhs.uk/ health systems support electrotherapy as a form of treatment for the following pathologies according to Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrotherapy

Relax muscle spasms and tight muscles

Prevention and retardation of unused muscle atrophy

Increase blood circulation, edema and hematoma

Muscle rehabilitation and re-education

Adds mobility to the structural and aid slow and spasmodic digestive system

Chronic pain management

Post-surgical muscle stimulation to prevent venous thrombosis

Electro therapy stimulus can occur every day which makes recovery time short as well as effective. Electro therapy sessions are normally between 10 minutes to an hour.

For more information about Electrotherapy sessions in Barcelona with Simplybepilates click here. We also recommend that electro therapy sessions are combined with structural Osteopathy sessions and massage