The best Pilates abdominal exercises have been narrowed down to 3 according to Vogue.

Vogue recently wrote an interesting article about the best abdominal exercise system on the market based on experiments performed by the University Auburn in Alabama.

Yoga, Pilates and Hypepressive techniques were included in the experiments and were compared in terms of fat loss and abdominal strength. As a Pilates instructor I was not surprised to find out that from these three abdominal focused exercise methods Pilates was found to be the most effective.

In addition to identify the best abdominal based exercise system as Pilates. The study then drilled down to identify the best Pilates abdominal exercises from the Matwork range.

The first best Pilates abdominal exercise is the Hundred. A classic Pilates exercise which I personal teach in every class. The Hundred is effective as an exercise from three angles, in my opinion. Firstly, the position of the body combined with the Pilates method, the 5 Pilates principles of stability and placement. The second factor that makes the Pilates exercise, the Hundred so effective is the amount of time the position is held. Finally the effectiveness of the Hundred can be contributed to the controlled breathing technique, 5 sharp breaths in to the nose and 5 sharp breaths out of the mouth.

The second best Pilates abdominal exercise is the Double leg stretch. A dynamic exercise challenging the abdominal muscles from the public bone up as well as from the diagram down. The double leg stretch also works the oblique’s, transverses and the lower back muscles. The double leg stretch is an advanced Pilate’s abdominal exercise and gets to the point!

The third best Pilates abdominal exercise, and my favourite exercise is the Plank, this is probable the most famous Pilates exercise and has long been recognised as an ab buster. The plank is about working the body isometrically for a set period of time. A safe and effective method of avoiding injury and maximising workout time as the exercise is full body.

All Pilates exercise are great for improving abdominal strength and giving you the freedom of movement and look that you want.

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