The Benefits of Osteopathy  are varied and are based on the concept that the body is able to heal itself once aligned.

Sound strange?? Here is an example! If you cut yourself the body will activate certain functions to heal the cut returning the body back to its original state.

The Benefits of Osteopathy  include.

  • Increases range of movement and reduces stiffness in joints and muscles.
  • Realigns the spine improving poor posture and inter-vertebral injuries such; as disc protrusions (slip discs and hernias)
  • Helps mobilise joints reducing unnecessary stress and tension
  • Prevents headaches, fatigue and neck pain.
  • Increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.
  • Allows the body nervous system to flow freely reducing pain and helping the body to to send nerve signals from the brain to the injured area to heal.
  • Aids digestive problems and encourage better sleep patterns.

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The benefits of Osteopathy is that an Osteopath understands how the body is as one entity, he or she understands that the all body parts are connected and interact and can therefore identify and target a primary source which is generating a secondary problem. For example; a patient may come into the centre to unblock a blocked hip, the hip may be blocked but it is often a secondary cause of misaligned vertebra’s in the neck or over worked muscles in the neck. An Osteopath will work the neck muscles, the primary source to eliminate the hip problem

In many cases an injury, or bad posture caused by something as simple as walking in heals or badly fitting shoes, in the long term can create bigger problems if ignored. The benefits of Osteopathy is that you can treat problems with regular sessions as a form of injury rehabilitation or injury prevention not just for one of problems.

Osteopathy is suitable for all people, from women who are pregnant to children. It is an non evasive treatment that is non invasive and often pleasurable. In osteopathy the effected area is always prepared for any manipulation with massage. Ensuring the patient receives the treatment without any pain or discomfort.

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