The benefits of Pilates reformer classes

There are many benefits to use the Pilates reformer. The machine was designed by Joseph Pilates and allows for a number of exercises to be performed due to the sliding mat, its pulley system and combination of weighted springs. Over the years this machine has been modified to what we now see in Pilate’s studios.

Pilates can be practiced by all, from those who have a stationary life to professional athletes. Age is also a non-factor when it comes to practicing Pilates. The Pilates method is suitable and benefits all ages. We recommend private reformer classes so that you can reach your goals whatever they are.

Pilates is a very different exercise system from most in the sense it can be adopted to help practitioners keep fit as equally as help injury prevention and recovery. Pilate’s realigns the body so that is functions well and therefore our health improves

More and more people practice Pilates reformer as the functionality of the machine, combined with the diversity of exercises and the effectiveness of the Pilates method makes reformer classes a must do part of your wellness and exercises routine.

The Pilates reformer adapts to the needs and abilities of your body. For example the Pilates instructor can increase or decrease resistance strengthening the core muscles rather than the superficial muscles

The benefits of the reformer include

Increase strength

Improve elesticity and flexibility

Improve balance, agility and coordination.

Reduce stress and adds a feel good factor to your day

Improves breathing and therefore generate a calming effect

Reduces pain

To get fit is fun and easy with the Pilates reformer. If you live in Barcelona and would like to trial a class with Simplybepilates and discover why the reformer has had so much success Click here and reserve a class.