When the Basics of Weight Loss Remain the Best   

With over 50% of the world population believing that they’re overweight according to a global study, it’s no wonder that a healthy lifestyle is starting to take the front-row seat. For decades, people have been duped into believing that their pills and quick weight-loss regimes would have them looking lean in an instant. Some may have worked, but the sustainability proved to be difficult. Consumers are no longer happy to just lose the weight, they want to maintain it.

Is This the End of the Diet Industry?

In her dissertation, Stanford doctoral candidate Adrienne R. Johnson highlighted the fact that modernization leads to illness. All the extra steps that go into food production may have worked in terms of preservation of the foods, but the results are coming through. One of the leading causes of obesity in native tribes across the world includes colonization. There is a desperate cry for civilization to get back to wholesome foods in their natural state, as opposed to relying on something that comes from a factory.

Natural Foods Top the Food Chain

Few new diet programs encourage consumers to lean on chemicals to rely on their health. Healthy eating now embraces the natural bounty of the earth and there is an unmistaken link between wholesome, natural products and maintaining a good health. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and wholesome grains and meats are what followers of the Cruise Control Diet rely on for good gut health and healthy weight loss. This diet teaches consumers not to lean on unnatural products such as chemicals, hormones, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods for their dietary requirements.

Be Kind to Your Body

Part of the weight-loss-gimmick-train is the world of fitness. There are a number of products on the market that promise consumers that the type of muscles they want is easily obtainable through a pill or electronic device. Instead, consumers should focus on sustainable means to keep their muscles strong and the result is usually a natural weight loss. Pilates is one of those forms of exercise that allow users to remain strong, have lean muscle tone, and keep down the weight. There are three pillars in Pilates that makes it so successful, and those are: 

  • It improves flexibility
  • Pilates takes care of the core muscles which contribute to abdominal and lumbo-pelvic stability
  • It increases muscle activity 

The best part is Pilates can be done anywhere and for the most part only requires a mat. Stability balls and resistance bands are nice to have, but the routine can be done without them. 

Overall, good health is about more than counting calories and keeping fit. It’s also important to enjoy life and enjoy every meal. Find hearty recipes and do proper food preparation to get the most out of nature’s bounty. Good hydration and enough sleep are two other aspects that consumers forget when on their weight loss journey. Choose hydration methods that are as natural as possible, such as water, coconut water, and unsweetened herbal teas. Although juice may be considered a natural item, it is actually highly processed and concentrated. And let’s not forget about stress – the final factor consumers should keep under control for a successful and healthy weight loss journey.