Advanced Pilates classes will give you the challenge you have been looking for!

Fed up in your Pilates classes? It is hard to find advanced Pilates classes in Barcelona, I know, as an instructor I appreciate the frustration felt in a beginners or intermediate Pilate’s classes.

There are many exercises in the Pilates manual but the reality that to find dvanced Pilates classes in Barcelona, where you can practice these exercise is hard to find. I have hardly never seen a class where boomerang, the full teaser series is taught or jack knife is taught in one class. It’s understandable as many of the students in the class are unable to perform these exercises. It is even more understandable as in fact if performed badly these exercises could cause hard to an injured person.

An advanced Pilate’s class should challenge the practitioner’s strength, balance, flexibility and control.  At simplybepilates we offer dvanced Pilates classes on the reformer and on the mat. We have taught many dancers, athlete and other professional Pilate’s instructors. You can be assured that dvanced Pilates classes with a dynamic sequence will reignite your passion for Pilates.

As a result we offer reduced rates for those wanting to opt for advanced Pilates classes – on the reformer so that you can keep practicing Pilates at your level. Simplybepilates offer a 15% discount for packs of 5 or 10 private sessions. We even offer you a 25% discount off your first trail session we are so confident that you will love the advanced Pilates class. For more information regarding our prices click here.

For more information or to book advanced Pilates classes in Barcelona, at our beautiful studio just a few blocks from plaza Cataluña click here

We look forward to sharing our passion for Pilates with you. Come try a Pilates class for advanced practitioners with simplybepilates and reignite that motivation for Pilates.