Thai Massage & Nutrition

Thai massage, also called lazy mans yoga, has been used for healing purposes in Thailand for thousands of years. Even today it is commonly found in Thai hospitals as part of treatment.

The massage is given on a padded floor mat which allows the therapist to manipulate the body working from feet up. The therapist stretches, flexes, and bends the body to free up tension and promote flexibility. A rocking movement and breathing technique is incorporated into the massage, along with acupressure and trigger point techniques.

Stretch Massage

Stretch massage is a southern thai massage in its purest form. The massage focuses on the kneeding and stretching the client to warm the muscles, release tension, and promote flexibility. However, it does not employ accupressure in the massage which is the difference between thai and stretch.

The massage is relaxing and leave the client feeling supple. Stretch massage is suitable for all clients, especially those who have posture problems or have suffered from a recent injury.

Thai and stretch massage is recommended at least once a month to be effective and clients are advised to wear loose comfortable clothing. For more information contact us here


Improve your overall wellbeing  through engaging in an exercise and eating plan that suits your lifestyle.

We are all individuals and therefore what is writen in one magazine may work for one person and not for another. Taking a personalized approach is the only way you will understand what works for you. For more information please contact us

Nutritional Assessment

A nutritional assessment will include:
• Your body mass index. Where are you and where do you want to be?
• Your metabolic rate. How many calories do you really need to gain or lose weight?
• Individual food program based on what you like to eat to enable you to reach your goals.
• Objective setting; reach your goals.
• Food strategies for specific training or purposes such as competition training.
• Exercise plan and complementary food plan.

For more information contact us here

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