Sports massage

Sports massage to aid recovery and maintenance

Sports massage is one of the most requested by professional athletes and people who play sports regularly or sporadically but intensely. During any type of sports training we use our muscles to exert the force we need to achieve our physically and competitive objectives. During these training periods some muscles are loaded more than others, this imbalance may cause muscle fatigue, tight damaged muscles and pain that limit the performance. A sports massage will alleviate the discomfort and disappear.

Both professional and amateur athletes normally aim to improve their physical performance to achieve the best results. A sports massage has become a professional method, included advised by doctors as a means to recover and relax the muscles after sports. Athletes routinely used recovery sports massage therapy both enable a prolonged effort of physical exertion as well as the dreaded use of sports massage to recover from injury.

The aim of a sports massage is to help the person recover after or during training, so that one’s muscles can stay flexible, strong and relaxed. Professionals advise regular sports massages from twice a week to once a month depending on the level of physical effort.

The maneuvers that uses this massage are:

Lymphatic drainage to stimulate the circulation and eliminate substances such as lactic acid and build up stiffness.

Kneading also helps to remove substances such as lactic acid, waste and toxins and also relaxes the fatigued and stressed muscles.

The frictions and pressures applied to a muscle group are responsible for increasing blood and lymphatic pressure. A sports massage is usually quite a deep massage and therefore lots of frictions ad kneading.

Vibration and movements helps to relax the muscles in depth and also the nervous system.

All in all a sports massage improves muscle performance while eliminating waste substances such as lactic acid and prevent the occurrence of injury or feared fatigue. With our recovery sports massage your body will be fully invigorated and relaxed, ready for the next time you need to compete or train.

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