Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a great ally for moms especial in the second and third trimester.

During the pregnancy a woman’s body is constantly changing, stretching and opening. These changes can be helped along with massage and Pilates. Both techniques allow the women to find relief, relaxation and wellness.

The reasons both pregnancy massage and Pilates helps during pregnancy is because the weight of the baby creates a strain on the back, especially the lumbar spine. This same wieght combined with restricted movement also can cause water retention which causes the legs to swell and fatigue to follow.

Pregnancy massage is very comfortable and pleasant massage and works most of the body leaving you with not only a sense of calm and relaxation but also new and energized. The massage is performed while on the side or with the mum to be seated in a chair. We also make sure you, the receiver are in a comfortable position.

Many women do worry about receiving a massage during pregnancy, and rightly so. If the massage is performed in the wrong area or too early a massage can cause harm. It is important that you chose a professional masseur for a safe massage. Our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced and will be able to show certificates on request

  • Studies show that pilates and pregnancy massage can help to combat the obvious physical problems that occur during pregnancy, but also we encourage massage from a holistic approach. We believe not only is it vital for you to stay calm and happy during your pregnancy for your own wellbeing, but also as it has a positive impact on the baby.

    The benefits of a pregnancy massage;

  • Physically and mentally relaxes, de – stresses
  • Helps prevent anxiety or depressive processes.
  • Improves sleep quality
  • It stabilizes hormones and emotions.
  • Improves circulation helping to eliminate fluids and toxins that cause swelling.
  • It relieves muscle pain caused by the weight of the belly and the pressure in the back, neck and joints caused by weight gain.
  • Reduces the risk of stretch marks.
  • It stimulates and helps energize the body.
  • It provides comfort and pleasure, emotional that can be passed onto your baby.

    Precautions to consider before your pregnancy massage:

  • Consult with the gynecologist when you can start getting massages.
  • Wait until the second trimester to receive a massage, to avoid the risks associated with the first stage of pregnancy, the most delicate.

Doctors recommend 1 pregnancy massage per week during the second quarter and two or more in the third, with increasing frequency as it approaches the time of delivery.

If you are pregnant and want to relax, relieve pain or just pamper yourself a little, come and enjoy a Simplybepilates pregnancy massage from a professional massage therapist. We are located in the heart of Barcelona
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