Pilate’s rehabilitation classes

Pilate’s rehabilitation classes are on the up in Barcelona!

Pilates has been used to nurse people back to health for the past 15 years. Recently, as a Pilates instructor I see more and more people pass through my doors asking for Pilates classes  to help there rehabilitation process after an injury or operation or simply to use Pilates to reduce neck or back pain.

Whether you decide to take private or group classes, a Pilate’s rehabilitation class can help you return back to your once healthy self. Find out more about our prices here, take advantage of our 15% discount on pilates reformer classes

Why pilates is now used more and more to relieve aches and pain?

We see people come through our doors suffering from pain caused by sitting at a computer for many hours a day all the way to pain caused by more serious and long term illnesses. One reason is because pilates rehabilitation classes are non-impact exercises classes that are performed in a controlled manner under supervision.

Another reason for the success behind Pilates rehabilitation classes is simply the 5 basic principles that Joseph Pilates identified and applied to each and every Pilates exercise whether you are on the reformer or on the mat. Some of these principles include correct spinal alignment. Strengthening the core muscles to be able to support the weight of our upper body and head works wonders again back and neck pain for example.

Sounds obvious, well it is. There is no mystery to the effectiveness, success and increasing popularity of Pilate’s rehabilitation classes. The principles are applied, exercises are carefully selected and finally performed in a controlled and supervised manner.

So what’s the catch? Why doesn’t everyone take Pilates rehabilitation classes when they are suffering from pain? The answer is simple, it requires work and time. Injury recover or pain relief is not achieved in 1 or 2 classes. You wouldn’t expect to jump into a swimming pool and know how to swim if you had never tried previously. Well, it’s the same with Pilates, you need to not only understand the principles but be able to incorporate them into every rehabilitating exercise.

But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! With an experienced instructor and a bit of commitment a Pilate’s rehabilitation class can help you recover from your aches and pains.

For more information contact Devorah click here or simply give us a call and we will help guide you to the right class so you can feel better and well soon!