Pilates in barcelona, mat, reformer and pregnancy

Pilates in Barcelona, Mat, Reformer and Pregnancy

We offer Pilates classes for everyone weather you want to practise pilates on the mat or on the reformer. You can chose to take your pilates classes as part of a group or private pilates classes in your own private space in our great studio.

Our specialise in Pilates for women who are pregnant, post parto, those who look for taking pilates classes as a form of rehabilitation and those who simply what to stay in shape and enjoy practising pilates in a relaxed and fun centre. To find out more about our timetable click here 

Come and trail a pilates class for just 6€ – click here to reserve your class

At SimplyBePilates, we believe:

Everyone is truly welcomed and cared for in our beautiful pilates studio
Pilates is great for the mind, body, and general well-being
Everyone can benefit from Pilates clases
You are an individual, and we aim to treat you as such weather you take private or group pilates classes
We aim to inspire, motivate and have fun in our classes
Pilates is not only practiced in class, but becomes a part of your consciousness
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Pilates in Barcelona with SimplyBePilates® simply aligning, toning, and re-balancing your body; for more information about classes and prices please click here . or call us on 644 316 850 for more information, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

Our Style
We teach STOTT PILATES® in our reformer and Mat pilates classes which incorporates modern exercise principles and contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation. STOTT PILATES® exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. Emphasis is placed on scapular stabilization, a common problem found in today’s society as we slouch over computers or flop into sofas to watch TV.

The range of exercises and their many modifications are designed to meet the needs of all levels of fitness, body shapes, injuries rehabilitation, and pregnancy.

Pilates will help you with the stresses and strains our body faces from everyday life. STOTT PILATES® is taught all over the world with over 60,000 instructors. Try STOTT pilates in Barcelona!

What are the 5 principles STOTT PILATES®
Breathing, Pelvis positioning, Shoulder stabilization, Rib cage stabilization, Head and neck placement.

People – Devorah Al-Irimi
My career in fitness started in London when I trained as an aerobics instructor, which gave me a sound grounding in human anatomy, physiology, as well as the more practical skills of preparing and teaching classes. Since qualifying I have worked for a number of gyms in London including the Michael Sobell Centre, a not-for-profit gymnasium which has been giving to the local community since 1970.

After years attending Pilates classes, and personally seeing the benefits, I become a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor, specializing in Mat work, and Pre natal and Post parto enjoying working through the different stages of pregnancy with my pilates women. Since qualifying I have taught pilates in Barcelona to private groups and individual, working with all body types and levels in our calming pilates studio.

Once I considered myself an experienced Pilates instructor I started to combine my pasion for Pilates with my pasion for Yoga which I had previously dedicated myself to in India. From these disaplines and a little training I started to teach Yoga-laties, a combination of Pilates and Yoga. We are one of the few Pilates studios who have expanded to teach Yoga – Pilates fusion in Barcelona

I certified in both Traditional Thai massage, and Stretch Thai massage from Ongs School of Massage, a school recognized by the Ministry of Education, Thailand. Thai massage is commonly known as lazy man´s yoga and shares many of the same principles as Pilates.

At the University of Barcelona I  studied Sports Nutrition enabling me to prepare diets for different sport disiplines.

For more information about practicing Pilates in Barcelona with SimplyBePilates please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about our many Pilates classes weather you are looking for reformer or mat.