Pilates and massage for injury prevention

The combination of pilates and massage for injury prevention is standard practise for athletes.

Pilates and massage are complementary techniques used when a person faces a hard training schedule when preparing for a competition, or simply aiming to get back in shape. The most common sports injuries are sprains, strains, fractures, dislocation, pain and swelling, all of which usually occur when the athlete’s physical condition is not at its peak or less than what one is demanded of ones body.

Many trainers deem the combination of Pilates and massage to prevent injury as vital to a serious training program. Injuries prevention techniques such as: stretching or strengthening ones core muscles are practiced in a pilates class as standard. positive results have been seen when combining the two techniques as they work in conjunction with each other.

For years now, irrespective of pilates, it has been strongly recommended that those practising sports recieve sports massages during their training. A sports massage is designed especially for athletes to improve their physical performance and prevent injury, during the massage, the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles is increased as the passage of oxygen is stimulated and removal of toxins is encouraged. However, more and more we see people non sports people opting for a sports massage to recieve the benifits mentioned above. For one to have their massage work beyond the idea of just relaxation.

Https://ruralexplorer.wordpress.com/prevenir-lesiones/ Experts have shown that muscles that are healthy, flexible, toned, elastic and strong, have a greater range of motion and flexibility and therefore tend to suffer less from injuries caused by overuse or overexertion.

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Topic: The combination of pilates and massage for injury prevention is standard practise for athletes.