Other Services

Other Services :

Improve you overall fitness with personal trainning sessions

Why have a personal trainer?

A personal trainer helps to not only motivate you but also shows you how to do each exercise correctly getting the maximum effect from each exercise. By learning how to exercise correctly you reduce the risk of injury and work more efficiently. Helping you to reach your goals faster.

The first session will be to assess you fitness, strength, flexibility and balance which will enable us to create a program tailored for your needs.

We believe each person gains greater results, finds a reslease from stress and new inspiration from trainning with a personal trainer


Tone and sculpt your body
Lose weight
Improve your co-ordination
Increase muscle mass
Improve your cardio capability
Improve posture and strengthen your body
Increase your metabolism
Feel great!

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Corporate services

Why not give your staff the incentive of their Health and Wellbeing?
Corporate health has been considered a valuable incentive for many years with organizations negotiating reduced price gym membership and free breakfasts. Nowadays the standard has been raised and employee focused companys are adopting a more personal and convienient approach – in house corporate health. click here for more information.


We all know it is important to eat well, regually, and to complement our lifestyle.
Many people are unaware of exactly how many calories their body needs, what fats we need to eat to remain health and where where they come from, what foods combinations aid digestion, and other nutricional dos and don´t. For more information click here

Thai Massage

Thai massage is invigorating and stimulating
Thia massage is suitable for a wide range of clients from the elderly, disabled, and pregnant. This is due to its gentle nature and non invasive techniques. For more information click here