Osteopathy in Barcelona with simplybe

Osteopathy in Barcelona with Simplybe – what is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a method of restoring balance and health to the musculo skeletal system as well as improving overall well being. An osteopath uses manual manipulations to adjust the body realigning the body to its natural form and therefore reducing or eliminating pain and increasing the effectiveness of the body’s natural functionality. To book a session or know more about Osteopathy and how it can help you click here.

Osteopathy in Barcelona with Simplybe – why chose Osteopathy?

Osteopaths believe that the body should be viewed and treated holistically. An osteopath will look at the patient’s lifestyle and emotional health as well as any physical problems to promote overall wellness. Advice may include exercise techniques, breathing techniques as well as physical manipulation. Osteopathy does not involve using drugs or surgery. In the countries such as the UK, USA and Australia Osteopaths are recognised as medical professionals and in fact 7% of US physicians are Osteopaths according to www.aacom.org. Osteopathy works!

Osteopathy in Barcelona with Simplybe – How does it work?

The techniques used by an osteopath are  manual and include massage and stretching to tease out muscles before impulses and adjustments. Impulses are used only if necessary and often correct postural alignment can be achieved without moving the skeletal structure back into its correct position. The treatment is not painful and often patents voice the sense of relief after being manipulated (unblocked). Once physical balance is restored the body can begin to treat itself as functionality such as nerve channels are opened and over worked muscles are relieved. Postural alignment and the nervous system can return to normal. To book a session or for more information click here

Osteopathy in Barcelona with Simplybe – Why chose Simplybe?

Devorah, our Osteopath is also an experienced massage therapist and Pilates instructor working in the field of rehabilitation and fitness alike. With over 10 years’ experience working with people physically in various disciplines you can benefits from her Osteopathy skills and range of knowledge brought over from other fields to help you feel better, overcoming your pain and returning you to a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. To book a session or for more information click here

Our health center is based in the center of Barcelona and is a relaxing and fully equipped. Simplybe, where you will receive professional treatments in a welcoming environment. For more information or to book a session click here or simplybe call us on 644316850