Chiromassage in barcelona

Chiromassage in barcelona is for everyone wheather the aim is to simply relax or as a treatment for a health problem.

A chiromassage is a therapuetic massage that combines the relaing movements and use of oils of a sweedish massage combined with the deep tissue work and realignment of the skeleton structor that is associated with chiropratory. In general the massage is relaxing by very effective as a healing massage for overstressed muscles as well as certain injuries.

A chiromassage follows the following sequence. The masseus starts by warming up the muscles, performing an exploratoriar assessemnt, followed by working deeper into the more tense areas, and finally cooling down the muscles, articulaing the joints and finally light tapping movements to tone the skin.

A chiromassage works on the whole body. If you wish for us to focus on a specific body area for example; swollen, tired feet, we ask you to to advise us of your preference. Our trained professionals can adapt the massage to your specific needs.

The chiromassage has been acknowledged as an ideal form of therapy to help people suffereing from back problems caused by repetative strain or bad habits. At simplybe pilates and massages we have seen the benifits of combining pilates and / or yoga with chiromassage. The clients find their recovery much faster and even pleasurable!

Chiromassage or “Quiromasaje” as it is called in spain is one of the most popular massages in spain. We, at simplybe pilates and massage offer chiromassage in our barcelona city center health center. A beautiful and calming space just a few blocks from plaza Cataluña.

Come and see why Chiromassage is one of spains most prefered massages.

Book a chiromassage performed by one of our professional masseus and body work therapist We speak english and spanish. For ore information or to book a chiromassage in barcelona with one of our experts click here