Benefits of pilates classes

What are the benefits of Pilates Classes?

With regular committment to Pilate’s classes in our relaxing studio you can expect to:

• Improve strength, flexibility and balance irrespectively if you take a mat or reformer class.

• Tone as well as build long lean muscles, even when pregnant or recovering from injury.

• Compliment sports training and develop functional fitness for daily life activity

• Strengthen deep abdominal muscles which support the core and help stabilize the body. In our pilates classes we focus on the core during each and every exercise.

• Engage the mind and raise body awareness. The first 5 minutes of each pilates class is focused on breathing and calming the mind and body.

• Become conditioned to patterns of movement, making the body less prone to injury. Come to our Pilates classes reguallyto see the benifits, you will be delighted with the results

• Heighten neuromuscular coordination Increase joint range of motion

• Reduce stress, relieve tension, boost energy. Many of our clients say when they take pilates classes they leave the class envigorated and relaxed

• Restore postural alignment and • Create a stronger more flexible spine. Weather you take a reformer class or a Mat class you will feel stronder, leaner and taller.

• Promote recovery from strain or injury and improve circulation

• Our clinical pilates class offers relief from back pain and joint stress

• Correct over-training of muscle groups, which has lead to stress and injury.

• Enhance mobility, agility and stamina

• Improve the way your body looks and feels

For more information about practicing Pilates in Barcelona with SimplyBePilates and reaping the benefits of pilates classes from any of our range of different classes please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.