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Pilates stretch Hip opening flow

pilates hip stretching exercise
Pilates stretch hip opening flow to improve flexibility Starting position: sitting with the body in its natural alignment engaging the 5 basic Pilates stretch principles. The neck tucked in to the throat, shoulder blades slid down the back, spine in neutral, rib cage on top and far from the hip

Pilates Abdominal Exercise of the month – March

Pilates Abdominal Exercise barcelona
 ROLL UP – This Pilates Abdominal Exercise targets abdominals and spine. It is performed on a Mat  Starting position Sitting tall on the floor, spine in neutral Shoulder blades stabilizized against the ribs Legs hip distance apart with the feet in flex. For a more challenging workout bend the knees, the

Pilates warm up flow

girl in pilates studio
Pilates spinal warm up flow Roll down from standing until your hands are on the floor. Continue to a pilates plank by walking the hands 3 steps forward until they are directly under our shoulders. Once the hands are under the shoulders we lift the collar bone. Slide the shoulders

Pilates Exercise of the month – February

pilates exercise barcelona
Pilates exercise Hip rolls This Pilates exercise targets your lower back, hamstrings, adductors, buttocks and is performed on a Mat  Starting position Lying on the floor face up, pelvis and spine in neutral, arms by the hips. Legs bent with the feet approx. 30cm from the buttocks. Legs hip distance

Pilates Exercise of the month – January

pilates barcelona suelo
Pilates Exercise Alternative arm / leg extension This Pilates exercise targets your back, neck, buttocks and shoulders and is performed on a Mat Each month Simplybepilates will be publishing a new pilates exercises for you to develop a home Pilates workout. Follow us month by month, a little goes a

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