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Pilates spinal rotation stretches.

pilates exercise
Pilates spinal rotation stretches to lengthen and unblock the spine Laying on your back rest hug the knees into a ball and rock from side to side to warm up the spine. Elbows out to stop the rocking becoming a roll onto ones side. You can take the cushion and

Pilates Arm and neck warm up

pilates for beginners in bacrelona
Pilates Arm and neck warm up Pilates Arm and neck warm up set 1. Starting in standing position body in its natural alignment engaging the Pilates principles. Inhale as we lift both arms in front of the body to shoulder height, exhale we raise the arms over the head. Inhale

Pilates chest and hip stretch flow

pilates stretch for the hips and chest
Pilates chest and hip stretch flow for beginners and intermediate Lying on the mat face down Pilates stance, pelvis pushed into the floor and the belly tucking into the spine. Keeping your arms at shoulder height either side of the hand directly under the shoulders. Your elbows are connected to the

Mat Pilates Exercise of the month – April

ab prep pilates barelona
Mat pilates exercise Ab prep This Pilates exercise targets abdominals and lower back. It is performed on a Mat Starting position Lying on the floor face up, pelvis and spine in neutral, arms by the hips. Legs bent with the feet approx. 30cm from the buttocks. Legs hip distance apart

Pilates stretch Hip opening flow

pilates hip stretching exercise
Pilates stretch hip opening flow to improve flexibility Starting position: sitting with the body in its natural alignment engaging the 5 basic Pilates stretch principles. The neck tucked in to the throat, shoulder blades slid down the back, spine in neutral, rib cage on top and far from the hip

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