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Osteopathy treatments for Hyper-lordosis

Osteopathy treatments for Hyper-lordosis
Osteopathy treatments for hyper lordosis are one of the most common illnesses that an osteopathy will be asked to treat but is very rare to find in children. What is hyper-lordosis? The pelvis shouldn’t exceed a 30º tilt when positioned correctly. Hypo-lordosis can be defined as a pelvis that is

Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis

Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis.
Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis, how does it work? Scoliosis can be caused by genetics, incorrect development such as; bad nutrition or over training at a young age, an accident, pregnancy, short leg syndrome as well as lifestyle factors such as bad posture. Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis can help correct the

Osteopathy treatments for hypokyphosis

Tratamientos de osteopatía para hipocifosis en barcelona con simplybe
Osteopathy treatments for hypokyphosis are more common in women than men and its main cause is from vertebral fracture. What is hypokyphosis? Hypokyphosis is the excessive curving of the thoracic spine which gives the sufferer a hunch back. In children hypokyphosis is defined when the spines curve is accentuated greater

How Pilates can help treat hypokyphosis

Pilates can help treat hypokyphosis
Pilates can help treat hypokyphosis by realigning the spine and stretching out short muscles that create a slouched or hunched posture. Hypokyphosis is where the vertebra’s in the thoracic spine are formed in an excessive curve leading to bad posture, a lack of mobility and a sense of tension in

Pilates in Barcelona

Pilates in barcelona
Pilates in Barcelona, Pilates in London, Pilates in the USA. Where ever you go Pilates is there! Pilates is a form of exercise that was originally developed by Joseph Pilates and used to be called controlology. Needless o say Pilates is about control and activating every muscle as well as

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