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  • Pilates Studio in barcelona trial class 7€

    pilates studio in barcelona

    Pilates Studio in barcelona Trial pilates, yoga and fitness classes for 7€  Click here to book  No joining fee. Come to one of of our Pilates and Yoga classes on the Mat or Pilates Reformer and start feeling great! Simplybepilates, your friendly yoga and pilates studio in barcelona You can decide between a number of different types of Pilates, Continue Reading

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  • Feel good, look great! Pregnancy and post parto pilates classes

    Pregnancy pilates

    The pregnancy classes are designed to help you keep in shape during your different stages of your pregnancy, modifying your pilates classes as the pregnancy progresses and you develop week by week. Our reformer and mat pilates classes not only help prepare your body for birth but also give many mums to be a sense Continue Reading

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  • Reformer classes

    Private pilates reformer classes

    SAVE 15% OFF YOUR PRIVATE REFORMER CLASSES – CLICK HERE TO BOOK  Reformer classes (RC) are a form of strength training as the Pilates exercises are performed using resistence caused by the springs which lead to faster physical results. The springs in the machine can provide support for difficult exercises which means the muscles can be Continue Reading

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  • Pilates reformer – pilates with machines

    pilates reformer barcelona

    Pilates reformer The pilates reformer machines were designed by Joseph Pilates which offer over 280 exercises and variations of Pilates exercises. This machine was created with the aim giving the pilates practision more variety and harmony in the movements. Through its spring system, grips, and pulleys practising pilates machine, the reformer can adapt to the resistance Continue Reading

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  • Breathing…reep the health benefits from breathing in your mat pilates classes

    English SampleSlide 1

    Consentrating on your breathing during your Mat Pilates Classes weather they are reformer  will generate a number of benifits as listed below:   Generally relaxation Reduced stress levels Lower blood pressure Mental agility and focus Improved circulation and respiration Reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. Training techniques stem from ancient traditional methods such as yoga or tai Continue Reading

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  • Pilates increases muscle strength

    Pilates increases muscle strength

    Many people opt for for pilates as it is proven that pilates increases muscle strength Stronger muscles is one of the main reasons why people decide to start doing pilates, is shown that this Pilates includes exercises not only to strengthen muscles, but also to help muscle tone, aids muscle relaxation, improve coordination and increase Continue Reading

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  • Pilates for strained muscles

    Pilates for strained muscles and to correct bad posture caused by our societies dependency on machines. Nowdays, most people adopt a slouched posture while driving, using our computers and more recoently using mobile phones. Any repetitive action, whether it is looking down at the mobile or extending the neck to see the computer screen can Continue Reading

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  • Pilates para la rigidez muscular

    pilates para la rigidez muscular

     Profesionales, médicos y fisioterapeutas de Barcelona recomiendan practicar pilates para la rigidez muscular. Los músculos que sufren rigidez se presentan tensos y normalmente vienen acompañados de estrés, fatiga, calambres y un estado de debilidad general. Sus causas pueden ser muchas, desde un desgarro practicando ejercicio, tensiones físicas o emocionales e incluso una mala alimentación. Si Continue Reading

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  • Pilates reduces siatica pain

    Pilates reduces siatica pain - small groups or pricvate cclasses

    Pilates reduces siatica pain with a few sessiones Pilates has long been acknowledged as an effective treatment for people suffering from siatica and has helped many people overcome their statica pain. In general siatica is caused  by one of two conditions or a mix of both. A hernia can cause siatica pain. A hernia is Continue Reading

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  • Pilates co-ordination exercises 

    pilates - improve your co-ordination

    Pilates co-ordination exercises allow us to complete many day to day tasks better and easier. The official defination of coordination is “ the ability to move different parts of the body together well or easily” as defined by http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/coordination Pilates is famous for its strengthening qualities helping injury prevention and cure, the improvement of ones Continue Reading

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