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  • A week of Yoga or Pilates FREE

    free gift pilates yoga barcelona

    Simplybepilates is offering a week of Yoga or Pilates FREE in Barcelona. Keep your new year happy! Sign up in January to any Pilates and Yoga class for 10 weeks and get your 11th week for free! • We offer a flexible membership so you chose a different pilates or yoga class each week depending Continue Reading

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  • pilates reformer machines

    pilates reformer barcelona

    Pilates reformer The pilates reformer machines were designed by Joseph Pilates which offer over 280 exercises and variations of Pilates exercises. This machine was created with the aim giving the pilates practision more variety and harmony in the movements. Through its spring system, grips, and pulleys practising pilates machine, the reformer can adapt to the resistance Continue Reading

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  • Pilates Studio in barcelona trial class just 6€

    pilates studio in barcelona

    Pilates Studio in barcelona Trial pilates and yoga classes –  just 6€  Click to book  We do not charge joining fee. Come ot one of of our Pilates and Yoga classes on the Mat or Pilates Reformer  and start feeling great! Simplybepilates a friendly yoga and pilates studio in barcelona New and interesting classes, You can decide between a Continue Reading

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  • Feel good, look great! Pregnancy and post parto pilates classes

    Pregnancy pilates

    The pregnancy classes are designed to help you keep in shape during your different stages of your pregnancy, modifying your pilates classes as the pregnancy progresses and you develop week by week. Our reformer and mat pilates classes not only help prepare your body for birth but also give many mums to be a sense Continue Reading

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  • pilates and yoga, disciplines that complemente each other


      Pilates and yoga, same same but complementary. At a glance Pilates and Yoga seem very different, however, there are many similarities and it is fair to comment that the two disciplines are in fact complementary and when practiced together they can give the practitioner a multitude of physical and mental advantages. Pilates and Yoga both Continue Reading

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  • Reformer classes


    SAVE 20% OFF YOUR PRIVATE REFORMER CLASSES – OFFER VALID UNTIL end of OCTOBER  CLICK HERE TO BOOK  Reformer classes (RC) are a form of strength training as the Pilates exercises are performed using resistence caused by the springs which lead to faster physical results. The springs in the machine can provide support for difficult exercises which Continue Reading

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  • Yoga classes

    Yoga classes en barcelona

    Yoga Classes in Barcelona with Simplybe. Now you can choose from yoga or pilates. When you sign up with SimplyBe you will now have access to both our Yoga classes and Pilates classes. Yoga has become more and more popular in Barcelona in the past 10 years as people become more caught up in the Continue Reading

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  • How does pilates help better your sex life?


    ¿How can the regular practice of pilates help better your sex life? It is common knowledge that engaging in any physical activity releases the hormone serotonin which gives us a sense of wellbeing and calm as well as increase our self-esteem. All these sensations have an effect on our sexuality and essential help to increase Continue Reading

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  • Pilates Exercise of the month – January

    pilates barcelona suelo

    Pilates Exercise Alternative arm / leg extension This Pilates exercise targets your back, neck, buttocks and shoulders and is performed on a Mat Each month Simplybepilates will be publishing a new pilates exercises for you to develop a home Pilates workout. Follow us month by month, a little goes a long way! Starting position All Continue Reading

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  • Pilates Exercise of the month December

    pilates exercise barcelona

    Pilates Exercise of the month – December Each month Simplybepilates will be publishing a new exercises for you to develop a home Pilates workout. A little a day goes a long way! Pilates Exercise Shoulder depreciation and low back This exercise, which targets your buttocks, back and shoulders, is performed on a mat. Starting position Continue Reading

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  • Pilates barelona, the myths

    women on pilates machine in barcelona

    Pilates barelona, the myths, truths and lies As a pilates instructor in barcelona I often hear comments such as “ahhh pilates, that’s like yoga” o “yes pilates, that’s just for women” o my favorite “ahh pilates, that’s stretching isn’t it” Read on to understand more and more of this method of exercise and rehabilitation that Continue Reading

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  • Hechos sobre pilates en barcelona

    women on pilates machine in barcelona

    Hechos sobre  pilates en Barcelona Como instructor de pilates escuchar muchos hechos sobre Pilates, a menudo escucho comentarios como “pilates, que es como el yoga ” o “sí pilates, eso es sólo para  mujeres” o mi favorito ” ahh pilates, eso es estiramiento”.  Sigue leyendo para enterrar  los mitos del método  pilates y entender más Continue Reading

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  • Clases de Pilates – Ahorra hasta 35€

    pilates barcelona

    Clases de pilates en barcelona durante las fiestas? Te vas de vacaciones? Preguntándote que hacer con tu subscripción?  Te frustra que la mayoría de estudios de Pilates te cobren la suscripción entera en el periodo de vacaciones cuando tú no estas? AHORRA HASTA 35 EUROS en tu suscripción de pilates durante Diciembre y Enero .  En SimplyBePilates te Continue Reading

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