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    SPECIAL PROMOTIONS for Pilates and Osteopathy. Save money, without compromising on quality. Simplybe Barcelona

    Do you want to see a change in your body? Sick of forking out big bucks for Pilates in Barcelona to strengthen your Core and improve your posture? Tired of constant pain? STOP! MAKE A CHANGE WITH OUR SPECIAL PROMOTIONS WHILE OFFERS LAST  Unlimited trial 14 days unlimited Group Pilates for 25€ – Kick start your routine book here 10 Group Pilates classes for 99€ – Take the plunge and book your pack here! 10% off your first 5 Osteopathy sessions – Back to health, ready for life, for a consultation click here. 10% off your first 10 private Pilates Reformer sessions – See the change, feel the difference! Sign up here Continue Reading

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    clases de pilates reformer en bacrelona

    OFF PEAK times, off peak prices for Pilates reformer classes and Osteopathy sessions Our off peak times are 10.30am – 2pm and again from 3.15pm to 6pm. Enjoy and benefit from the same quality Pilates classes and Osteopathy session for less. 20% OFF PRIVATE REFORMER CLASSES Sign up to 1 months of Private reformer classes Continue Reading

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  • Trial Pilates class just 7€!

    Pilates class barcelona

    Come and trial a Pilates class for just 7€ and… if you like it you can now sign up without any sign up fees or contractual commitment. We have morning, afternoon and evening classes varying from Pilates classes to improve your posture, Pilates classes with bands and balls for improving your fitness levels and Pilates Continue Reading

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  • Reformer classes 10% off

    Pilates reformer advanced pilate´s classes in barcelona

    Reformer classes (RC) are a form of strength training as the Pilates exercises are performed using resistence caused by the springs which lead to faster physical results. The springs in the machine can provide support for difficult exercises which means the muscles can be worked deeper. The Reformer is a very versatile machine, and the variations Continue Reading

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  • How does Osteopathy treatments reduce pain?

    Osteopathy treatments

    Osteopathy treatments can reduce pain caused by both degenerative diseases, muscles sprains and tension as well as skeleton structural pain Osteopathy is a form of manual treatment that is recognized in the UK, Australia and America as a medical profession as the treatments have proved to be highly effective in reducing or eliminating pain. So Continue Reading

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  • Pilates helps weight loss and fat burn

    pilates helps loose weight

    Does pilates helps loose weight and burn fat? Essentially Pilates was designed as a form of rehabilitation and / or exercise for athletes and dancers. It has become popular in the world of fitness because the technique has proved to be so successful at postural improvement, weight loss and a range of other benefits such Continue Reading

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  • clases de pilates en grupos reducidos

    clases de pilates en grupos reducidos en barcelona

    Clases de pilates en grupos reducidos Las clases de pilates en grupos reducidos son siempre la elección favorita, es normal, a todos nos gusta estar en una clase en la que podemos contar con una atención personalizada y tener ayuda del profesor en todo momento, ese trato cercano genera mayor confianza y nos hace disfrutar Continue Reading

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  • benefits of combining massage and stretching

    combine massage and stretching in barcelona

    There are many benefits of combining massage and stretching… especially if you play sports or if you expose your body to repetitive actions, weight gain or have posture problems. Something as simple as spending hours in the gym without making stretching before, and / or after can make our muscles lose elasticity and flexibility encourage Continue Reading

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