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  • Feel good, look great! Pregnancy and post parto pilates classes

    Pregnancy pilates

    The pregnancy classes are designed to help you keep in shape during your different stages of your pregnancy, modifying your pilates classes as the pregnancy progresses and you develop week by week. Our reformer and mat pilates classes not only help prepare your body for birth but also give many mums to be a sense Continue Reading

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  • Reformer classes

    Private pilates reformer classes

    SAVE 15% OFF YOUR PRIVATE REFORMER CLASSES – CLICK HERE TO BOOK  Reformer classes (RC) are a form of strength training as the Pilates exercises are performed using resistence caused by the springs which lead to faster physical results. The springs in the machine can provide support for difficult exercises which means the muscles can be Continue Reading

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  • Pilates co-ordination exercises 

    pilates - improve your co-ordination

    Pilates co-ordination exercises allow us to complete many day to day tasks better and easier. The official defination of coordination is “ the ability to move different parts of the body together well or easily” as defined by http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/coordination Pilates is famous for its strengthening qualities helping injury prevention and cure, the improvement of ones Continue Reading

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  • Pilates balance and control

    Pilates balance and control barcelona

    Pilates balance and control, both physically and mentally. Pilates consentrates on many different aspects from calming the mind to strngthening the body. Many people fail to associate pilates with balance because many of the pilates exerrcises are performed on the ground as apposed to activities such as yoga where the exerices are performed standing. Saying Continue Reading

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  • Pilates and yoga classes, our timetable

    pilates barcelona

    Timetable Private pilates and yoga classes, as well as massages are booked at your convenience Our pregnancy classes have max 5 women so you get the attention and care you need. For more information or to reserve a group or private class click here  CLASS DISCRIPTION, check our timetable to find the best pilates and yoga Continue Reading

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  • Prices and offers Pilates, Yoga, Fitness & Massage

    clases de pilates barcelona

    GROUP CLASSES for all levels PRIVATE CLASSES, PREGNANCY & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Our Pilates park classes are available during summer. Personal attention for every exercise We do not offer refunds unless agreed at time of purchase. We can not accept insurance claims for rehabilitation pilates We kindly ask for 24 hours notice for class cancellations A Continue Reading

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  • Book your Yoga & Pilates classes en barcelona today!

    pilates classes in barcelona

    Dont forget to ask us about our offers, trial class just 6€ and 15% off private reformer classes!  Please fill in the boxes below and we will get back to you as soon as we possible can. Thank you for your inquiry.

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  • Group Pilates classes in Barcelona

    Group Pilates classes in Barcelona for all levels

    It’s hard to find the right group Pilates classes in Barcelona, a group Pilates classes that suits your needs. Pilates is everywhere, gyms, you tube, yoga studios and more. However, it is not to say that all group Pilates classes in Barcelona are the same. As a result we recommend that you try a few Continue Reading

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